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Jill of all trades, master of some
Interests: Cooking, Reading, Photography, Design from graphic to nail, cosmetology as a whole, and while it'll sound like an insert Jesus here line, all things Jesus, and I mean that!!
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Hi Guys, I just wanted to post a quick note since I haven't done a blog post in forever now! Initially I thought I'd come across one of my mini-breaks but I think I'm going to be away a little longer than anticipated due to some needs for my computer... Continue reading
Posted Apr 15, 2013 at Faith (215)
I just came across this article over at design milk of a salon in Slovenia that has an 80's theme. I so can see me applying to a salon like this if I still worked as a hairstylist. I love design but I also love it when businesses such as... Continue reading
Posted Mar 13, 2013 at Faith (215)
Thanks Nicole! You are so right if I remember correctly you are my goal weight currently...even that I don't stick to too heavily but that's the healthy range for my frame but I imagine even when I get to 190 based on my build I'd look about the size you are now so it's freeing to say the least, getting rid of the old mentalities of being a set weight or getting on that scale or dieting etc. Focusing on getting it off and also praying about when to stop or keep going. Also don't want to be on the opposite end of embracing weight that's killing me. I pray you have continued success as well and you've motivated me to let go of my gym membership and I'll use the money I would have paid for next month to get my 1st workout vid! I'll update during next month's measures!
Hi Regena, Thank you yes I'm learning that if I can find a way to get the foods in that I love and still lose weight I do so without feeling like I'm making a drastic change. There is a change there and I do have to say no in a sense but more times than not it's making one choice over another vs. feeling deprived. I figure as long as I don't have to do that type of restriction and that's a bit of motivation as well because I don't want to be in such an unhealthy state that it becomes medically necessary to cut out certain foods. Thanks for your kind words Regena and I pray that you'll have much success in your health journey as well!
Hi Guys, I'm linking up with Nicole of Pharr Away today for Monthly measures. I first linked up with Nicole in January I believe, skipped February and now I'm back in March. See what had happened was, I decided in January to set a goal for myself. January 2013 made... Continue reading
Posted Mar 5, 2013 at Faith (215)
About a week ago I was having a conversation with a coworker and she made a statement that her hairstylist friend has good hair. It was one of those conversations that started one way and ended another, we were talking about something totally unrelated but somehow she ended up sharing... Continue reading
Posted Mar 4, 2013 at Faith (215)
Happy Friday everyone! Today I bring you a new feature to my blog, Fashion Fridays. Each week I'll post an outfit, an article, something within the fashion industry that I'm digging at the moment from a specific style to a color that I'm personally feeling. My daughter will be joining... Continue reading
Posted Feb 28, 2013 at Faith (215)
I've come to realize that in my time of blogging I have yet to do a post focusing on design! It could be a reflection of the fact that little design work has been going down in my own life however I'd like to change the fact that I haven't... Continue reading
Posted Feb 26, 2013 at Faith (215)
Lily did you say lack of public trans? In Philly? I hate SEPTA but they're everywhere unfortunately unless we're talking the time they begin/end service which I think it's crazy that at least the trains don't run all night.
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2013 on happy friday + hello from philly... at Oh Joy!
Tell Ruby anytime she'd like to take some of this cold back to Cali she's more than welcome to do so LOL. She's so precious everytime you'd post a photo of her on instagram I'd show my daughter and she'll roll her eyes up in her head (she's 16) now she's like oh there's Ruby let me see the pic:) I knew she'd catch on to the cuteness:):)
Toggle Commented Feb 26, 2013 on happy friday + hello from philly... at Oh Joy!
I came across a great post last night over at titled Good Gifts from the Father and as the titled would imply the author Heidi shares with us God's goodness towards her in spite of a painful trial she's experiencing. Within her story, Heidi describes how what she's going... Continue reading
Posted Feb 25, 2013 at Faith (215)
@ Antionette thank ya much! @TFE thanks:) You are so on point, my writing skills use to be better than they are now actually. Getting out of the habit of writing like I do plus a data entry driven position makes a huge difference. As I'm writing the book I realized I had to not concern myself with any grammatical issues, plan on investing in a great proofreaders (God has already been opening doors in that area as well:))and get all down. It's going well and I'm trying not to make the process longer than it need be with my analytical self!:)
Toggle Commented Feb 20, 2013 on Working on my book! at Faith (215)
This just in, Sho Baraka will be performing along with Stephen the Levite at the Arts Garage in Philly on Friday. Too excited and glad I'll be able to go (dear Lord please don't let there be something I'm forgetting I have to do on Friday:)). If you're in the... Continue reading
Posted Feb 20, 2013 at Faith (215)
Hi Andrea, You are quite welcome, I'm so happy to do it, love these opportunities that blogging is creating:) I'm looking forward to connecting with you more as well, heading over to your blog to check it out!
Toggle Commented Feb 15, 2013 on Win an Ipad Mini! at Faith (215)
I'm teaming up with some fellow bloggers to offer you an opportunity to win a free Ipad mini! This giveaway was put together by Myranda of Myranda won her own mini in December and loves it so much she wanted to make an opportunity for someone else to win.... Continue reading
Posted Feb 14, 2013 at Faith (215)
I came across this video yesterday for Vegetarian Sausage while doing a search for breakfast sausages on Youtube. Doesn't this look exactly like a real sausage? You'll never guess what it is! Wait for it.... Wait for it... It's Oatmeal! Can you believe it! The recipe is really simple and... Continue reading
Posted Feb 12, 2013 at Faith (215)
I just got finished checking my facebook page to find out Lecrae just one a Grammy! So godly proud and happy for him not just as one of my favorite artists but this win represents so much when it comes to what we're called to do as Christians. I remember... Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2013 at Faith (215)
Hi Sybil it is quite the undertaking! I decided to sit down, write everything out without thinking to much about it. I think once I realized I'd need an editor to make sure I'm not butchering the English language too badly, and God began to show me some editors it allowed me to approach the possibility more freely. I'd otherwise type out maybe a paragraph and then over think what was said nope I'll let it sound a hot mess but get it on paper, edit everything myself first and then pass it on to a pro to finalize it all. We shall see how it goes!:)
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2013 on Working on my book! at Faith (215)
It's Saturday and that means participating in the Saturday Morning Coffee blog hop! It's another cold one in the city of Philadelphia so more staying in for me (see last week's post) but my plan will be a lot more simplistic this Saturday compared to last. Today my plan is... Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2013 at Faith (215)
Lately it seemed like anytime I'd watch something on Hulu I'd seen a commercial for the show A Day in the Life. This particular episode featured the Major of Braddock Pa., John Fetterman and the efforts he's been making to bring life back to a dying city. I could tell... Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2013 at Faith (215)
Hi Antoinette, I just have the one, a 16 year old. She went out and shoveled some of it but then had to come in due to cold hands. Couldn't find her gloves hmmm I say:) Thanks for stopping by I'm going to hop over to your blog now!
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2013 on Staying in Saturday at Faith (215)
That's nice too Frugal Exerciser and thanks for the compliment, time for me to get at these roots right about now:)
Hi Kirra, Thanks I hope so too I just started doing some blog fixes so we'll see LOL. Thanks for stopping by, on my way to check out your blog:)
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2013 on Staying in Saturday at Faith (215)