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kareem Lumumba
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The job of the PLP in moving forward is to bring down the FNM Government and to remove from office the most dangerous man to occupy the Office of Prime Minister. I believe that his history and that of his previous two terms and the record will show that the current Prime Minister is lackey of the Bay Street Abaco monied elite and represent very narrow economic and finanacial interests in the Bahamas. Reversal of thirty years of Cabinet finding with respect to relocation of the Port and shipping activities on Bay Street is in my view prima facie evidence of Political patronage, payback and cronyism. A full listing of supporting policies would be too numerous to list here. Surely Sir Lynden must be screaming 'leave me alone' each time you invoke his name in your disinformation campaign for the Free National Movement.
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Surely you cannot be serious.. Why would Christie listen to a former or perhaps current member of the FNM and Political operative? YOu have got to be kidding us!!! Christie lost because he and his colleagues while making mistakes Governed so effectively that the electorate and the nation forgot the massive peril the nation faced post 9/11. Three years of massive economic and political uncertainty, Inernational and domestic political peril, skyrocketing domestic gasoline prices somewhat inelastic Government revenues, hurricanes, unfunded National Security Mandates from International Agencies and the very beligerent, pre emptive and overly aggressive US Govermental machine. Christies Government provided steady economic and crisis management i a very turbulent time. Management executed so well a minority of the the electorate forgot there was a crisis and voted FNM against their own intersts. A situation soon to be corrected. Hopefully Christie would do well not listen to the nonsense in your so well articulated misdirection.
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