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Dean Giustini
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Marcus, All I can say is 'bravo' for your work on the Librarians without borders group. Congratulations on doing this important work. It's so rewarding to know that your efforts are making a difference. This is how I feel about my work with Open medicine and all the e-mails we get from all over the world. Dean
Hi Marcus, I prefer the company of women too! :) Every once in a while though I do need some bro-mance (love that) Dean
Hi Marcus, Happy Birthday! Many happy returns Dean ps. We have lots of Remy martin here in Canada, so come on down.
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2008 on Birthday 2008 at Marcus' World
Hi Marcus, As a member of the editorial board of BDL, I have been wondering why so little content has been published in the last year, and whether author fees were the problem. Why don't we consider moving BDL to Open Journal Systems and self-publish? John Willinsky has been very helpful in implementing OJS for Open Medicine, for which I blog as you know. We could do it as a U.S.-Canadian collaboration - international if we want. I think we should consider moving BDL, particularly if your suggestion is rejected. Dean Giustini Open Medicine blogger Assistant editor