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JB Samba
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Shalom, I have always had it in mind that you are one of the reasonable guys we have on this forum. But your latest contribution to this press release by NJFN has left me pondering if you are really one. Tell me, conscious of the notion of party discipline in CPDM and other ills what effective role can the clergy play when the parliamentarians have a bill tabled in the house. Storm the glass house and fight? I am convinced if you go back and read the release again, you will realize that you have misunderstood the entire release. The role the clergymen like Cardinal Tumi and other Catholic Bishops of the Episcopal council have been playing in a bid to change the political landscape in LRC cannot be underestimated. If NJFN decides to commend the good works of these people and the forces, is that not the right thing to do for a political who has and wants to keep public support. Talking about the role the forces played in 1992. Was it just that of voting? I guess not. They knew NJFN was the winner of the elections and so when the country went into turmoil the wer not as barbaric towards armless citizens as they would be now relatively. Do you know why? After the 1992 Presidential, the CPDM gov't of Massa Biya realized it didn't have the support of the forces (Law and order and the military alike) and in order to win (buy) back the support they decided not to include this group of idiots in the 1993 salary cuts. Being they idiots they are this corruption by the CPDM government bought them over and LRC is in the mess in which it finds herself today. I think you should try to look at the current issues from a different perspective