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When you see a swat team called by Onoz to be on roof tops checking on Peace Loving Americans, you know damn well we are in very serious trouble NOW! The Gulf Coast Oil rig explosion was deliberate. Onoz has called out the swat teams to protect the other oil rigs. We are in very serious trouble NOW! Muslims are already sitting at our tables at the White House planning our Nations demise. They must be removed or we will loose everything. We Are In Very Serious Trouble..NOW!!!
There's no way I can sit quietly and allow this to happen to our country. I have sent hundreds of e-mails out about this travisty. btw,, I can no longer access SOIA facebook. I click on the link and get my own page.
Thank you, Lt Col West. Your words were very clear and true. Sadly, as each day passes, we see how vile the media is and how fearful they are of us. What I cannot understand is why the military has not addressed the issue that we have a thief in our White House. I am certain the Joint Chiefs know all too well what a delima the American People are facing. This man, Obama, hates America and is hell bent to destroy it. Will Lt. Col Larkin be the only man to stand up?
Pamela, fear not. The "Bus" is getting ready to leave the station. Thanks to you and Robert we are on a roll. Americans can hide from the truth no more. I read alot of blogs and internet news and I am telling you the tide has slowly begun to turn. It will get ugly but I am "At the Ready". God Bless, Be well
BRAVO!!!! Just Taking Care of Business.. nothing
Toggle Commented Apr 17, 2010 on Suing Muhammad at Atlas Shrugs
Good Lord, with all this action from CAIR, when do they have time to beat and slaughter their women and children?? I digress..Many states, such as Arizona,Iowa,California would love the extra dime for their bus ads. Many would actually welcome it. CAIR is desperate. As CHOI points out.. we have our ways.."Faith Community"
Not surprising.. but I sent out many e-mails letting people know of the organization. After watching O'Reilly with Megan Kelly last night, I realized how terrified people really are of Islam. Will sell their souls. Keep up the good work, Fox, we know who your allegence is to.
My, my.. how clever. The Great Deceiver now acknowledges that their women have Rights We will just tell these women of Islam to.. "Just Get on the Bus, Gus, no need to discuss much, Just make a new plan Stan, and set yourself FREE!"
OMG.. I have to laugh at these fools. I guess it beats grenades. I do suggest that prior to any shoe rioting, bags of broken glass should be strewn all over the pavement. Real tiny slivers. Payback's a bitch.
I was a young child when my Dad was sent to Germany. He was an Army Captain then and set up medical facilities. We, as kids, played around in bombed out buildings and fought with the German boys. I recall our maid telling my mother how the Germans knew what was going on and did nothing in order to save their own lives. They could smell the ovens burning from miles away. Today, we have this filth in our own country. Parading around under a guise of Peace. This same evil that I saw in Germany is now in my White House. I will die fighting before I see this happen to our Land.
Latest word coming out is .. Russia Today and other television stations reported that even before the first attempt to land, the pilot had been dumping fuel — indicating some form of mechanical problem — so by the fourth attempt there was no alternative but to put the aircraft down. We will know soon what we already know. and this as well.. Obama leaves WH without press, breaking protocol
Since F-16's were called they can't play this one down. Having a Marshal on board makes me think... God is waking us up.. as of tonight 2 planes could have killed hundreds of people. I am anxious to hear from Miss Nappy and Mr NoMan as to what really happened here. Janet and
All I can say is as with Islam Radicalism it is what it is.. No matter how hard Obama tries, he still can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.
Standing Ovation here for Col West!! One point I wish to make.. that video of our military supposedly killing Iraqi's as a game.. Confirmed: Media’s Military-Hating America-Bashing Allegations Proven False & Misleading (Video)
@Achilles You are dead on, my friend. The one advantage that we have is Obama and his idiots have zero respect or understanding when it comes to America's Military. This one fact alone will help me sleep tonite. Great article, Pamela. I respect the grief you must be feeling when you report this tyranny. I appreciate your dedication. God Bless, Be Well
Keep it coming, Pamela!! I pass this on to many. It is simply deplorable and needs to be removed. @ Mooseandskwerl Great Point!! lol
Toggle Commented Apr 2, 2010 on "We Need Another Holocaust" at Atlas Shrugs
BRAVO!!!! This is wonderful news. Where ever or what ever I can do to help, I will be there. God Bless
Appears as if the White House no longer exists either. It is now the Animal House. So, my friends, I believe we have gotten the message. Obama must be removed and quickly.
There is ZERO doubt in my mind that the "Circus Parade" was a complete set up to cause trouble. That's their mantra. Lie like it's cool, baby. Clooooooooowns, all of them..especially the one who needed a gavel shoved up her hinny. No Apology. These are the same people who gave our country such terrible grief against our President and military during the Iraq war. I view them as our enemy. Thank you for exposing them and please continue. God Bless
This has nothing to do with religion. It has every thing to do with power and control. My prayer is that the Texas grows a pair and kicks the bastards out. That's exactly how we need to handle this BS.
Simply amazing..if we didn't have Atlas we would all be in the dark. Another story is Obamas twitter was attacked.. he has twitter???? Now he wants more control on the internet. Anybody buy this BS??
Ahhhhhhhh Yesssss!! This all stinks to High Heaven. Just add a Muslim.. it's a GO. Remember, Jerimia, Louis, Ayes all the boyz sit in our White House while the FBI haunts Americans.
Fantastic job!! How sad this comes as no surprise for those of us who knew sometime ago this would happen. As I have said before, it's time for our military to make a plan and soon. The Israeli and American people are disgusted. This OB Dog won't hunt. I can feel it coming in the air.. I am At The Ready.
What a tragedy.. with more to come. Obama declared open season on Israel and this is the beginning of the end. I have no doubt that Israel, knowing who Obama truly is, will be left with all out war. This is the truth that no one wants to face. We have a muslim in the White House. Our military must act and soon. He and his ilk must be removed. North Korea knows it, so does Russia. We all know Obama has been sent to destroy our country and Israel too. I heard word that Fox News is having a special on Obama this Sunday at 9:00 pm eastern. I can't verify it, but am told it will expose Obama. I pray this is true and not too late. God Bless America and Israel.
An absolute tragedy, Pamela. We are all to blame in one way or another. Be it complacency or complete disregard for those who suffered and died at the hands of the Devil. I can say this. When I read of Obamas horrid disrespect of Netanyahu, I knew it would be open season for the "Jew Haters". Obama had sent his message.