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This is the kind of contribution we would expect our learned intellectuals to make to our society and not fact distorting missions. AIDS needs even more attention than whatsoever political talk. One point i`ll like most to expound on is; government`s effort in curbing the spread of this virus.Some will say Africans are too irresponsible that`s why they get easily infected - maybe there`s a weak point there. I`ll say our government has kept us permanently impoverished and so some sisters in bonass can`t stand the sight of a ten thousand francs note - condom or no condom je m`enfous. Some are driving VX Turbo because they are project cordinators or technical advisers whose effect on HIV control is nil. My local NGO alongside other nine,had to receive 100.000frs cfa each to go on AIDS sensitization in the anglophone neighbourhoods of Y`de. We were trained for two days and when the moment came to collect the little cash, i went in to represent my absent President,infact i was told to sign for 100.000frs despite receiving 90.000frs. I held on to verify and it was the same for all other groups. Should we take care of corruption, AIDS will be no problem. If stricter control is placed, the money our paymasters,customs,tax controllers,directors,parliamentarians ministers and the whole thievery team misappropriates could be used to put all HIV patients on a free drug roll. There are carriers who aren`t able to get good feeding how then do they buy drugs even at the cheapest price scale. Let the government intensify the campaign as if it were news of a fast approaching holocaust, increase medical assistance to the infected,work to give a more friendly image of the carriers so that society will accept them more as well as strengthen carriers rights vis-a-vis their employers and society as a whole.
Should the SDF have as its chairman a francophone,with the Ni John charisma and possess more flexibility and a collaborative approach,it will stand better chances of success.Lest we don`t care to realize, after 1992, most francophones tend to look at the SDF party as an anglophone network.Even the move of Ni John to Yaounde hasn`t modified this image. If we continue to think, only an anglophone should head the SDF it`s then not different from any other anglophone struggle movement with many francophone sympathisers.The SDF doesn`t only need a drift from its helm, but also changing its general outlook. That is,to convince Cameroonians from south to north and east to west that it stands for their interest. It`s stronghold shouldn`t be just Bamenda. Another point where the SDF hasn`t done well, is informing its sympathizers, that, it`s normal for the opposition party to receive money from its government that isn`t bribe. People still think the old way that any money received from the state is betrayal. We can see this from how difficult it was to convince people entering parliament at a certain point was good or bad. Ni John`s success has been based on his image as the incorruptible, which has been a very big boost to his party.With Asonganyi`s broken dagger,it would be a hilarious victory for him to point out clearly the stances of corruption or party duplicity with the Biya government. We expect him to go above suspicion and speculation. Was he the SG or not, but he talks like any outsider will do. Most importantly, had the government really bribed the SDF, this same government will stylishly reveal the mess up in a press or whatever means best known by them to discredit the SDF.The cry has been government and CPDM is corrupt, the latter would jubilate to see its challenger brandished in this like. Bury the speculation of secret funding, the SDF needs real policies and a new leader to propel it ahead. However should other candidates be given a fair chance and Ni John be re-elected, we will accept the people`s choice and assume he knows his weak points and certainly will take a new dimension.
This is no rhetoric, it`s the history we need to get in our blood. Else if you forget who you are, where you are coming from, you will hardly know where you are going. All S.Cameroonians, who can`t master the facts,will do well,to print this important historical document,by the U.S based think tank and keep alongside other important docs.You`ll hardly get such clean facts in most textbooks. One recommendation for the think tank; your submission should be engraved or patterned ``On behalf of SCNC in Cameroon and diaspora`` If we leave it at what you wrote, the mass of S.Cameroonians in S.America and Asia, notably in Brazil and China respectively will feel excluded.
T.Ndang, you don`t need a family feud to lampoon a heavy handed public figure, imbued with archaic germanic philosophy of administration - Forced labour, transcribed the Njeuma style to mean; no dialogue is possible with the lesser class, the boss is always right or the subordinates take the `wrongs` to be `rights`, consiliation means defeat to the Njeuma style. I`m talking with focus to her management of the imbroglio that conducted some students to the grave,the immediate aftermath and a host of others, that you all know better. A boat that`s supposed to transport people from Kribi to Limbe but sinks two miles away from Limbe drowning many hasn`t done the service it was intended for.Had it been one of the students was a close relative of yours,i bet, you`ll be saying something else. BB, thanks for the debate, the eyes and hearts that you`ve opened here.Be it as it may, that you`re selling after the market. Students at UNIYAO 1 didn`t need to read BB`s defamatory article to hold that, Njeuma is a danger to university freedom before her installation. This is a culture and philosophy which is completely missing in the heroine or success story that you see in Njeuma.Cognizant of how people are appointed in Cameroon,how do you call a lengthy stay in one post success.Just any Tom and Jerry from a high professional training school in Cameroon will be a good VC.By the way, how many bad rectors do you know in Cameroon and think well if she doesn`t start or seal the list. Tell Prof`s Digre and co that BB is doing fine in Cameroon and whenever he get`s to DC, he`ll readjust. Cheers!
What quarrel, can we make of this kind of scene or the general sidelining of anglophones,which finds multitudinous ways of manifestation in our Cameruined? This is certainly not the first,last or the worst embarassment to us. Former PM, Musonge was jeered by anglophone parliamentarians for reading his speech, written in french, in parliament. When the only word Paul Biya can say is `i do so swear` When the latter can only say `Welcome to Cameruined` and `How are you` to english speaking foreign diplomats.In some of his scarce outings he makes some doubtful phrases in english and by that maybe feels he catches our attention so much. It`s no news anglophones are patching up in Cameruined. Such fuckshops are revealing of the fact that we don`t have a place in that country and it`s so clear even to foreigners. The apologies are just an unconscious expression of what really happens in everyday life and how it has affected even our hosts.
The jewel Beyhia. I`m glad for the entertainer that you are. Though you might not like to be seen from tribal perspective, i must say your village and folks are just too proud of you. Keep going, stay top and know that, your talkshows affect so many lives daily. The one fine thing would have been, you mentioning the name of the person who put you up the circle.What a fine hommage, except it`ll be sour to do so.
The most unpromising appointments! How necessary was it to revive administrative corpses or compensate administrative vampires? Brace yourself! * A TCHOYI, what a compensation for the petrol bonds he burnt on the UB road.Remember, he was gov`ts delay tactics instrument in the UB crisis. What about the findings of his commission? (3.5/10) * AGBORTABI / KONTCHOU, are on internship for their future appointments.A ministerial post is easy to figure this time around,it depends on how well you handle the test. Men fight it, get there, eat the money, it`s Cameroon. What do you expect? (4.5/10) * MAMI DODO, what an uplift before retirement. Atleast you will not be jeered at, when you retire. However, do you sometimes think about the students you and Ejake Mbonda sent to their graves.(1/10) * LAMBI MBIFUNG, transitional. The dust will noy settle now.(4.8/10) * CHARLES ATANGANA, francophonization of anglophones. Cameroon OYE!(0.9/10) * HERBERT ENDELEY, the tortoise pace is a good one for you. Whenever you become VC, don`t fumble like `Mami DODO`(4.9/10) Work out the average success rate of the appointment by yourself.I struggle alot with maths.
With the understanding that the professional players don`t leave the first divisions in Europe,where they are sometimes scribed monkeys to come back home and play in our first division, like Milla did, Mukete and co haven`t completely missed the point. That`s to say the country temporarily hires their patriotism and it`s not a full time duty in our first division. We`re all happy about what this group does for us, but if you ask these players to do same thing you`re asking bushfallers as a whole, it will mean leaving Europe to come and play in Mount Cameroon FC or whatsoever.Would you do that? ....i`m waiting. Mukete, are you really blind not to understand that, so-called bush-fallers have a multitude of fields in which they manifest their patriotism? ....You don`t help their families or communities for them and will never teach anyone how to do it. Patriotism isn`t jingoism. Whoever abandons a comparatively good pay for nothing is an idiot not a patriot. My simple point Mr Mukete and blind followers is this; stop putting everybody in one basket. You can use words like `some bushfallers` We would hardly refute a good load of what you vomit but you still don`t have to be crude. Your `meant to agitate minds` article is highly recommended for fun. If i missed the point then i must echo `BRAVO LIONS`
If you can still recall..... * The Israeli army first arrived on the spot even before our gendarmes. * Several localities from the west province to the south west, will tell you they either chased some indescriptible things or people wanting to bury or dig some indescriptible thing. * The case of lake Nyos natural,poisonous gas is unique the world over. For how long shall the pipe buried in the lake stay there to prevent us from another explosion. mmmnnhh i`m too frightened to even think about it. What`s morethan certain is that, lake Nyos is yet to emit all of its secrets and i`m sure we won`t be shocked when that day comes.
The dialogue we would expect, is that which waters down angers and brings in a peaceful and reconciliatory perspective.Must i disagree with Dr Agbormbai, the UB Senate`s dialogue lacks this kind of clairvoyance and there`s nothing to be commended here. This staging we call dialogue, is a new scheme by the VC and her `chindas` to properly hammer the deviant UBSU. Be it deviant or not, legal or not, the VC can`t understand punishing her children at home is different from punishing university students that she controls - it`s altogether a different banner.She`s so bent on seeing the students cry out red tears.But this imbroglio is getting too far, how many people would she punish, just how far does she want to take us with her extreme and difficult methods. This is a different anglophone breed - would she be `black aryan` i won`t be surprised. I have only the person keeping her there to blame. We don`t deserve such a VC and she doesn`t deserve us too. It`s morethan high time we part.