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If it's any consolation, we lost (and by "we", I mean the FOUR ADULTS who were with her) my then-2-and-a-half-year-old daughter at an amusement park. It took us about the same amount of time to find her -- in one of the candy stores, happily sucking on a hard candy sucker a nice lady in the candy store had given her (apparently, this happens all the time... hmmmm....) So, you're definitely not alone. Two grandparents, two parents, and we still lost her for nearly 25 minutes. It was funny when it was over, but nobody was laughing at the time. Happy vacation. P.S. My daughter is almost 26 now, and a mother herself. So somehow, in spite of having utter incompetents as caregivers, she has survived into adulthood. Kids are resilient creatures.
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Tertia, I can't imagine a world where everyone who wanted children had themselves genetically tested and then ruled themselves out because they had some form of genetically linked anomaly. And I'm not sure what a "crappy genetic inheritance" is, exactly. The conditions you list are challenging, I'll grant you. But I can Google them and find famous, successful people who have risen above them, and conquered them. As someone who was accidentally conceived, and then born with relatively few genetic challenges, to indifferent, difficult parents, I can promise you that your intense love and devotion to your children will be more important than a single gene or chromosome you have bestowed upon them. The fire that has burned in your words since I started reading this blog, about having your children, caring for them, surviving their illnesses (and sadly even the loss of one) shows me you and your husband are not indifferent. You are passionate and caring and driven - first to have them, then to raise them -- and this will be what saves them in the end. Peace, Tertia.
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