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T Ndang
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Mr Bate Besong, you taught me in high school, and I used to applaud whenever we had you in class especially when you used your big words. I have always thought you are a good person. For you to come out here and totally maligne another good person who has done nothing personal to you is very disappointing. Some of the language used by you is patently unworthy of a person of your intellectual standing. Infact I find it painfully disgusting. You should have enough sense to even think that Dr. Njeuma would stoop to making Elon University to cancel your Fulbright scholarship. She is an educationist to the core. Why don't you come out plain to say you want to lash out at somebody for your misfortune. Enquire from Elon University why they took the decision they did. I am resident in North Carolina and would very much like to make Prof Digre and Karen Watts of DC see the kind of character you are, publicly insulting someone who has done you no wrong in such degrading language. It is a shame BB. I happen to know Dr Njeuma. She has many many publications in her maiden name and married name. Books I have been priviledged to read and which have aided me in my own PhD research. Please do thorough research about someone before you come out to err your evil intentions and insinuations. She has to be warned for people like you can attack her person for your own angry ends. It baffles me that people want heroes but do not recognise them. Anglophones, how can we progress??? If this lady - Dr Njeuma has committed a crime, it is her selfless work and devotion she has put in thr University of Buea. Give her credit, she deserves it; instead of saying "her long and 12 year ruinous stay in UB" What are you even doing teaching there in UB for the past 6 years if that is what you perceived the place to be and it is only now you can come out and say it? BB, I do not know that this is how you achieve your own publicity. Well, know God always rewards good people.