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@Johannes Thust 1. Gedmin shouldn't be judged by his appearance. Attack his publications... 2. We are a people of nearly 80 million individuals, one of the biggest economical powers worldwide, and I say it's a shame that the US ambassador doesn't speak german! Why should he deserve any respect? 3. "I don't like Angela Merkel." What's your proposal?
...To my amazement, there was not one mention in either the photographs or the accompanying narrative of the United States And were the French mentioned? The British? The Russians? The german unification was achieved by the people of Leipzig. It had its roots in the politics of Glasnost and Perestrojka, in the founding of the Polish union Solidarnosc. The politicians of 4+2 countries did only what had to be done, they were merely supernumeraries. The unification itself was a people's revolution.
Toggle Commented Sep 27, 2005 on American-free German History at Davids Medienkritik