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Jesus was a leftie
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Jeff: What is your plan to ending homelessness? Where is your report on your "100 hours of homelessness"? Why have you not posted to this sight for two months? Have you paid your FEC fines yet? Heard you may be filing to run again in the 06 elections. I would advise you to NOT run, not that you will listen. But you should know your credibility in the blogshere is severely damaged. Ohio needs a candidate they can trust. Your negligence in reporting accurate campaign contribution numbers, not filing with the FEC, and running a money grab campaign scheme on the pretense that you were spending time on the streets has left you with, to say the least, a tremendous amount suspicion on your true intentions to bringing honor, honesty, and integrity to the democrat party. Do yourself a favor Jeff by not subjecting anyone to your questionable actions one more day. The democrat party deserves better.
Jeff: When are you going to post your summary on your "homeless" adventure? You said you would do this a couple of diaries below: “So I need an extra day or two to finish up. Sorry, everyone. I'll keep you posted, though.” It's been two weeks. Why the delay in getting this informative experience out to those of us who followed your diaries? I am beginning to think this WAS a political stunt on your part since you have neglected to follow through on your promise to enlighten all of us with your sacrifice and hardships of being homeless. Write the summary on all the blogs that you posted these diaries so that you will have some credibility. Otherwise, stop with the gimmicks, schtick and the smoke and mirrors to collect money from some who may not realize your scam.