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bonjour, each time I want to enter into my typepad blog for a week or so, it makes me that : and I can't enter anymore. I'm french, live in France, asked to the french typepad assistance, and they said they ignored why it did that, that they never saw that before and so let me like that. They said too that maybe it was due to cookies or because of my navigator and I had to repair it myself when I ignore how to do, no how-to has been given me, when I told them computer wasn't my job at all. I just have to say that before, it always worked to sign in, and the interface changed last week to sign in when my problems appeared. Merci to do the necessary as soon as possible, With regards. Mllle Leprêtre
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Bonjour, how are you? it's fun to play with stuffs indeed, to relax, to enjoy, to feel better, to share, to make friends, to be happy, etc... ;o) it's less easy to do all this when money isn't into your pocket at all to have the new line of paper or products X or Y, or to be able to just have a new pot of UTEE or another base product etc... I know it because it's my international scrapfriends who send me stuffs for helping me, as I'm unemployed for more 2 years, and I have to live by mum at 30 with DH. And art asks a lot of stuffs always. And artsy stuffs are expensive. And even you find no expensive, without any money, the choice is easy to do. it's less easy to do all this, when we have to "économiser" (?) the more little piece of product and to make it dure the more longer possible, in order to enjoy with the all scrapfriends on boards, and to play with them on challenges, swaps etc, and not having shame on face to be the one who "cannot" do as everyone else... and when you see you can't post 2 or 3 LOs per day or per week as your other scrapfriends, for financial reasons only, it doesn't help you to feel good 24h/24h. and the majority of people in my country are as me, and into a worst situation, so art can't enter into their lifes unfortunately. it's less easy to do all this, when having no money prevent you to follow trends as the other scrapfriends, as priorities aren't the same and you prefer stay silent than to tell the truth, even if you know this difference is so unfair. And I think to people who are into more worst situation than me and who look crafts store with envy, knowing they never won't be able to enter in only for financial reasons. it's not the vision I had of art when I was young. but it's life. a lot of my friends haven't a computer and internet, at the 3rd millenium, so for the rest... I think into my situation, I still have some luck... and my voice is only a little drop into the ocean... Merci for the all good vibes you always send to us, Donna. Giant hugs* {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2007 on you know sometimes... at simply me
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