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Von Rojas
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R2D2 is a straight guy, He is a male, as he is refered to as a he in all canonical prose, Have you seen R2D2 in bed with 3po, or sharing the same toothbrush, I thought not, And why? Cause he is a God Damn robot. Although, The innuendo's towards R2 and 3po being gay are diffenetly there. So, It is my conclusion that, Like the creation of the universe and the question does God exisit, The question of R2 being gay or not, Will go on forever unansweres. But to answer the main question of this blog, R2 deffo male, no if's but's or anything, MALE, lmfao
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2007 on Is R2D2 a boy or a girl? at Wonderland