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Wow - you haven't watched a single half-inning of a Mets game this year? Maybe it's time to say hello to the Yankees, Admiral? I'll be up in the Bronx next weekend with two of my boys (who are rabid Yankees fans). Hoping our NJTransit and subway experiences will be OK. Maybe you should join us?
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2011 on Good-bye to you at RepMan
Steve -- Re: Sarah Palin. You're a bit hard on our future president, don't you think? We can't defend her knowledge of history or the crazy Paul Revere ramble from a few days ago, but nice to see you recognizing her as a gifted politician! Heck, she's the gift to America that keeps on giving, thanks to John McCain!!
Lunch: Well, now that Weiner has fessed up (maybe someone sent him this RepMan blog?), we'll see what the future holds for him. I wouldn't watch him, or Spitzer, on TV, but maybe if they added in Arnold or John Edwards, they could really make it interesting with some old war stories. I think Weiner was digging his own grave and finally realized that the next step was going to be preparing his coffin. Even my liberal friends like Teddy Ballgame have to admit how horribly he handled this. This is a shameful example of how a few bad politicians bring all of us down. Will be interesting to see if people continue with the "I'm not surprised -- all pols are the same" attitude regarding this. CPO Jeff Kasko
Rep: You are right to label this a disgrace, but celibacy is not the cause and eliminating it will not solve the problem. After all, these sickos weren't celebate - some of them never kept their vow of celibacy even from their days in the seminary! As a practicing Catholic who has followed the abuse scandals with interest (and much dismay), it's very hard sometimes to remain faithful and even harder to defend the Church in general. I read a book last year titled "The Courage to be Catholic," which thoroughly covers the history, causes and possible solutions to the abuse crisis (you and Lunch should check it out). Most child molesters are not celibate and they are not gay. They are married heterosexuals (with wives and kids) with a serious mental/sexual illness. And they are found in all walks of life and jobs - especially those involving children (teachers, ministers, coaches, boy scout leaders, etc.). And the percentage of "abusive" or sick priests is not higher than those of other occupations. So yes, there are some things that need serious fixing in the Church - but it's not the rule of celibacy - and I don't think the whole model is wrong (you and I will probably not agree on this). I think the Catholic Church, which has survived and evolved for 2,000 years, will be around for a long time to come - but hopefully with better leaders and more honesty, openness and humility in admitting mistakes and correcting them. CPO Kasko
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2011 on A terminal case of the slows at RepMan
Admiral Cody: I haven't read this book - I'm going to try and find a copy. There are perhaps two other categories of crazy bosses: Incompetent and Micromanager. I've worked for both types, including one who was both! I have to say that working for a boss who is way in over his/her head and isn't competent is pretty bad - but my worst example is this... The Dishonest/Liar boss (another category)! I worked for one of these for 4 DAYS! This gem was late getting to the train station to go to an important meeting with a major client and a Forbes magazine editor. So she calls me, says she "got into a fender bender" and couldn't get to the train, so would I dial in to the meeting and hold the client's hand (by phone!) and make sure the client didn't freak out that my boss wasn't physically there? This is on my fourth day of work! Never met the client or spoke with her previously! Long story short - I was listening in (on mute) and when I was asked a question, I went to unmute the phone, fumbled around with the buttons, and cut off the call! Again, my fourth day - I didn't even know how to use the phone system! Client freaks out, calls my boss to complain that I was of no help, and the boss "fires" me over the weekend VIA EMAIL! A most bizarre experience. Incompetence and lying at it's best (worst)! BTW, none of my crazy bosses were at PepperCom. While you may shows signs of narcissism once in a while Steve, I didn't see it when it came to work we were doing at PCom! CPO Kasko
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2010 on Crazy bosses at RepMan