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Chronicles from Babylon: The sacrifice of the majority for the good of the few is becoming a concern to the majority. Organizing the majority to become functionally independent is more challenging than organizing the few. Irony? Continue reading
Posted Dec 15, 2011 at Wanaku
A short list of the effects of causes that need to be known, understood and analyzed. It's a long and winding road even to the default start position. Given that true change only comes through humans, it is going to require the awakening of the majority of humans in this context, to begin to move the current situation even by inches. Keep framing the pictures. ~wv
Until Camerouneses accept the fact that they have been ruled and dictated to by Non-Camerouneses (Ahidjo + Biya) for 50+ years, they will be stuck in mud. Dismantling the resultant mess is a complex mathematical problem. As long as the happiness of the individual citizen in this region (and within the global context) is not taken seriously, the present posturing by various spheres of influence is a waste of time. Some people have a generous supply of this - time. Some don't.