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Oh man! That raj kachori looks like a riot! It looks like there will be an explosion of tastes when you put it in the mouth. Dang! Delhi is a tad too far to go but thank God there is a vegetarian restaurant here in Singapore called Raj that sells it (confirmed through their website). I will definitely be going there this weekend. Thanks Dave! Great shots as usual.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2009 on Delhi Belly at EatingAsia
Hi Robyn, I have been lurking here for a while now. Love to read what you write and admire the accompanying shots from Dave. It is a stupendous combo. The respect that both of you have for the food and its peddlers and the humility that you display is indeed very heartwarming. Kudos to both you and Dave! I am a Malaysian working and living in Singapore. What we are seeing now is the sad product of the politicization of religion by the ruling regime. I remember my old English teacher telling me that it definitely was not like this in the sixties. People were more relaxed then. Jokes about the decibels of the calls for prayer from the mosque or the boisterous nature of Taoist funeral wakes can be cracked without the oversensitive reactions. The practise of religion seems to be more about the form than the substance when it should really be between one and God but unfortunately in Malaysia, that concept has now been corrupted (and in many other aspects, may I add) with the people tripping among themselves to display how religious they are compared to the others. Even the Turkish people play with dogs openly in parks. But I live in hope. With education and more importantly, exposure, I am certain that this sad hypocrisy and pretension can be eradicated. And.. hopefully everyone will be brave enough to make their votes count next time so that Malaysians can look forward to a better country for the next generation.