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JT, no I was not assigned by the ambassador whose name I didn't even know until this week. As I stated in the introductory line of my comment, what I posted were snipets from the camnetwork forum from people who know the intrigues behind the demonstration. So take it for what it is worth... or leave it. BTW, I will leave you with this official statement from the CPDM USA posted again on camnet. This proves beyond any doubt that this is a CPDM affair: ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ----- Forwarded Message ---- From: PATIENCE TAMFU To: CPDM USA ; WCPDM USA Cc: CAMEROON EMBASSY Sent: Sat, November 21, 2009 5:06:25 PM Subject: [CPDM-USA] WCPDM- USA STANDS BEHIND AMBASSADOR FOE-ATANGANA Dear Comrades, We the militants of WCPM-USA write to express our disappointment in the recent action of some of our militants and also to express the apathy in which some of our so-called militants have been writing on our CPDM forum in celebrating the actions of some militants towards our Embassy in Washington D.C. We might think it is funny but it goes a long way to tell us how out-of control the leadership of CPDM-USA has become today. We write with tears in our eyes because as CPDM Militants, one of the items on our CPDM ACTION PLAN is to involve in image cleansing of our country; instead, our CPDM-USA leadership continues to fail us every time they have been called upon. We do understand that each militant took an oath when this Section was created in the United States in 2007, and, accepted to stand by the party even when our opinions were considered second to others. But today, some of us have now become favorites to the banter of the Opposition Movement, who are doing everything to destabilize our beloved party in the United States of America. It is so unfortunate how the leadership of this party has allowed Opposition Elements who disguise themselves as party officers in sending mails that are contrary to the ideals of our beloved party in our CPDM forum without calling such individuals to order. Comrades, we should not forget that these very e-mails we write on this CPDM-USA forum are read by our party leadership in Cameroon. On behalf of WCPDM USA, We strongly condemn the Action taken by Vice President Mpeck Patrick whose action has brought shame to the party. We are also calling on the Section President, Comrade Joseph Mbu to not only dissociate the CPDM party from its Vice President whose actions have brought this shame to our party but to call an immediate meeting to look into this matter. We stand for Cameroon our great country, and shall always lend our support behind Cameroon official representative, His Excellency Ambassador Joseph Bienvenue Charles Foe- Atangana, a man who has brought the much needed changes at the Embassy of Cameroon in Washington D.C, and a man of exceptional character. The WCPDM party in the United States makes the following proclamation: a) We, the WCPDM militants condemn individuals who are using this forum to settle their tribal issues. They should go to their tribal groups and settle their scores. It is rather unfortunate that we are the only country in Sub Saharan Africa that is known for unruly behavior. b) We, the WCPDM militants unequivocally condemn any writing on this forum against our Ambassador who at this point is doing his best to Cleanse up the mess of the past. c) We, the WCPDM militants vehemently condemn the holding of secret meetings by a few individuals under the banner of CPDM Section leaders against the government of Cameroon. d) We, the WCPDM militants throw our unyielding support and encouragement to our ambassador and to urge him to continue to do the good work that he has been doing in the USA. e) We call on the CPDM Central committee to look into this matter with due diligence and make necessary changes. Long Live the WCPDM party, Long Live the CPDM party, and; Long Live the Republic of Cameroon Patience Tamfu N. Section President WCPDM USA
Update from camnetwork forum - it was a CPDM-USA sponsored rally ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ After fielding speaking to some, including local reporters, it appears MPECK, the organizer and VP of CPDM is a very confused and pissed off person. Some of the CPDM people have held meetings leading to the head-on. But is it not a strange thing that a CPDMer who is seen in a frolicking video to clean the image of Cameroon is the one leading assorted homeless people to soil the image? Ladies and Gentlemen, this is more about a disgruntled segment who sees its notion of self importance thwarted by the new ambassador. This has absolutely nothing to do with civic conscience. While not holding briefs for the ambassador (self-restraint is golden), the incident should not rise to diplomatic rancor. One of those unfortunate human slips. ++++++++++++++ I have researched into this matter and at no given point does my sources indicate that the Ambassador should be blamed. The said individual listed as the ring leader of the protest is no one other than the Vice President of CPDM North America, ie the number 2 of the criminal party here in America. His grievances with the Ambassador is that, the current Ambassador does not act like tif man Mendouga by giving out money. The current Ambassador seems to straighten out things at the Embassy and these guys are mad that he wants to keep the money to himself of which the Ambassador says, he cannot use his salary to be distributing it out to Cameroonians. This is a first hand information from inside sources of the CPDM. The said vice President of the CPDM is under arrest and it should be noted that he is no stranger to the law in this area. He has a criminal record and had served jail time in this country. This is just a vivid report, Nanje will not give a more pertinent report than what I can provide. It is even alledged that Joe Mbu the current president of CPDM America was behind this illegal protest even though he was not present at the protest. The reason why the Bassa man (VP of CPDM America) was arrested is because he organized a protest rally without a permit from the District. More to follow. +++++++ This story dates back to the reign of Mendouga. Remember a fews weeks ago a letter was circulating on here written by some concerned Cameroonians? These protesters were the very concerned Cameroonians. Those check #s that were provided was actually given out by an ex-employee of the embassy who was fired just weeks after Mendouga left. He is presently in Cameroon. Some of the information in the letter was actually authentic.
The Entrepreneur. Obviously you did not click the link below the picture to realize that the picture was taken by a peace corps volunteer during a visit to Limbe. BTW, when was the last time you bought a postcard?
So Mr. Charles, when exactly did the "Coastal" chiefs claim that the "Ngrafi" were the enemy? And are they more aligned with the Francophones than the chiefs of the NW who are core members of the CPDM central committee? And the last time I checked it was graffi chiefs who crowned a Francophone dictator from the "East" as "Fon of Fons". No respectable Coastal chief will ever indulge in such madness that desecrates their rich culture. Va dire!