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Wow, I was looking for people who had the feeling that there's much more to the song and that it has a biblical meaning, and I was right. Especially when the New Testament is concerned. A bit of speculation, but isn't the cover art interesting as well? I'm talking about the clock hitting almost 12:00/0:00. It's like the end of 'day', possibly hinting at Jesus's second coming being very near. --- My thoughts on some of the lines: I won't be me when you see me again No I won't be my father's son (Jesus first came as a lamb of God, but will return like a lion, different kind of Jesus.) A body and a soul (Jesus being the physical representation of God) You don't see me but you will I am not invisible I am here (He's not here physically, but he's alive, and he will when he returns) --- I'm not a bible expert, but try to learn as much when there's time. I thought I'd just share my point of view.