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*their* members are pro-Israel
So long as there are Moslems in the UK, there will be a threat from Jihad. Moslems cannot coexist in non-Moslem societies. If the EDL are pro-Sikh and pro-Black, and simply anti-Moslem, they are not racist. And as the Islamic threat is very REAL, and not at all limited to "radical Moslems" or "Islamists", there is no such thing as Islamophobia. Besides, they don't seem to have an irrational fear of Islam; rather, they have a perfectly rational hatred for it. Why do you characterize their pro-Israel stance as a myth? They're members are consistently pro-Israel. The BNP and the Nazis at Stormfront hate the EDL because the EDL is not bigoted; they hate Islam and they are opposed to Islamic fifth columns in the UK. And since Islam allows such doctrines of deception as Taqiyya, Ketman and Taysir, and as the Qur'an tells Moslems not to take non-Moslems as friends, and to smile in unbelievers faces while feeling hatred for them in their hearts, and that unbelievers are the vilest of animals and the worst of creatures and perverted transgressors, and that the unbelievers must be fought until "there is no more fitna and religion on earth prevail only for Allah" and "until they have paid the Jizya with willing submission and feel themselves subdued" and "until they repent and establish prayer and pay the poor due", no Moslem can ever be trusted. Sure, some many be truly peaceful; the majority however support the eventual imposition of Sharia on non-Moslem societies and the eventual domination of non-Moslems by Moslems. Therefore any Moslem in any non-Moslem nation is a liability. Recognizing this these demonstrable facts is not "racist" or "Islamophobic"; they are hard truths and if you don't like them that's your problem, it's not the fault of the messenger. Pretend like we can all solve this by playing nice and giving each other hugs if you want, but don't get in the way of true patriots by demonizing them. I can name plenty of respectable right-wing blogs that give the EDL credence and I'm commenting on one of them right now. The EDL are pro-Black, pro-Sikh, pro-Jewish and Israel, and they are anti-Islam, not "Islamophobic" which you basically admit is nonexistent (how can something mythical be true sometimes? It can't, that's a paradox).
Wow, Byron Crawford thinks 13 year old girls who get drugged and raped were asking for it, and buys the unproven allegations that the girl was somehow a "slut" or a "hooker". Here are the facts, Byron: Polanski drugged and sodomized a 13 year old girl who repeatedly said "No". Byron, you are what is wrong with America.
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All you have to do is look at the signs. The right wingers signs are all home made... the left wingers signs are mass manufactured and handed out to everyone in the crowd.... who's astroturfing? The left.
If he wants to be free from contact with pork he should move to Egypt and stfu
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