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" when you're the leader of a nation full of animals and lunatics you're compelled to rule by fear and brutality. " Brilliantly put, Chris.
You're right, Mikey! Anti-smuggling laws stop illicit drugs, cigarettes, booze, women for sex from entering countries, so those laws would stop nukes. Should be a law against smuggling stupid, too.
Randy, do the Iranians owe Americans anything for the hostage taking or the attack on the Marines?
Coming to a mall near you! No futurist predicted this, a world gone mad with worshippers of Satan and dhimmis.
And yet, we continue to welcome these barbarians into our countries.
Challenge to Muslim barrows: Show where Muslims get along with minorities.
Only 5 Muslims showed up? Dang, I barbecued pork ribs for a hundred!
That a Russian KGB member has more empathy for Christians than a Kenyan-born Indonesian Muslim is not news to people who understand Islam.
Yeah, she's still a little confused. But she clearly has no use for Islamic rules.
Young Nada has the kind of grit I expect of Western men. If Westerners don't rid the world of Islam, who will? God bless this little warrior. May she continue to expose Allah as Satan.
Rosh Hashanah,Pam! May God bless you and your family and your many, many friends.
I don't want that Islamic filth in Canada either, but it is rich in irony that Quebec politicians who preached treason against Ottawa now plead for its help.
Great song, great singer, great choice by a great gal! Thanks, Pam!
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2013 on So long, summer at Atlas Shrugs
i hope none of these barbarians think their talk of eating Americans does anything but illicit a derisive snort. Warning to Muslims, those leeching on the West, and those hoping to leech on the West: judge Westerners by our history, not by our so-called present day "leaders".
We fought Nazis. We must fight Muslims. But first we must fight traitors and dhimmis.
Someone please cite the anti-Semite verses in the New Testament.
Either we defeat Islam, kill it, chop it up into little pieces and bury it deep, or civilization will end by 2100. We cannot accommodate or even tolerate Islam in civilized countries. If you aren't a Crusader, why not?
Let them eat cake!
Evil hates to be mocked. It can't stand the light of inspection nor inquiry. Islam is pure evil. Muslims practice pure evil.
Theresa May is stupid enough to become a Muslima, which is to say no smarter than top soil. If students are being turned into barbarians by learning about Islam and acting out its teachings, then the answer is to ban Islam and deport Muslims to an Islamic hell hole of their choice.
Pam, I'll keep my message short so there will be space for the avalanche of apologies from homosexuals for calling you a homophobe and an Islamophobe.
YES! Thanks for pointing out that stupid typo,Infidel. Corrected version: Politicians who aid Islam in any way should not be re-elected no matter what other good thing they may have done.
Fire the yard man. Do not do business with Muslims or people who do business with Muslims. Simple.