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Mr Biya beware,your days are almost over so dont mess this up for yourself. Better walk away in peace than in pieces!! You have a seat prepared for you in HELL!!
Mr Biya,the souls of all those frustrated and starved to death are back to hunt you! There is no hiding place because its judgement day for you! You have fooled cameroonians for a very long time,25years,and its time you leave them in peace. My advice,leave now that things are still in place because soon it will be too late and there will be no place to run to then. I have never been more proud of cameroonians than now! I use to think we were cowards who couldnt fight back even when pushed to the wall but we have just proven to be the lions that we are,we fight back when wounded!!! Lets not give up my brothers,its time for a change. There is no better time for that change than now!! God is with us as we fight and may the souls of all who have lost their lives so far in the fight rest in perfect peace.We shall continue the struggle for peace,not only for us but also for our children