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So thoughtful that he should wear the same T-shirt to take both pictures... Either that or he only has the one...
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2009 on The Replacement. at chris leavins
Actually, I'm pretty sure that you just shot Miss York full of art school reject voodoo and turned her into a stuffed kitty. Far easier than having to make a teeny-tiny version of the dress...
Toggle Commented Jul 7, 2009 on Hello Kitty at chris leavins
Well, this is the least scary thing Cody has submitted... fourth time's always a charm, eh?
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2009 on The Graduate. at chris leavins
That's because bulldogs, and all other 'pedigree' breeds are selectively and aggressively inbred to promote features which the breeders think are aesthetically pleasing, but are causing huge medical problems to the animals. They do this, saying they are following guidelines set down over a century ago, but which in fact have been perverted beyond all recognition in that time to suit the whims of modern owners. I bet the poor animal has had her tail docked as well...
Toggle Commented Jun 8, 2009 on It's Fun to Feel Sorry for Things at chris leavins
Well, it's always good to give people a solid reason to beat you senseless. These jeans ARE that reason.
Toggle Commented May 5, 2009 on Things People Send Me. at chris leavins
Reluctance to use handles? I count six... two on the jugs at the extreme left, then another on the water filter immediately to their right, then another on the even bigger jug immediately to the right again, another on the kettle and the last one on the cooker!
Toggle Commented May 5, 2009 on Kitchen Cat. at chris leavins
Someone needs to post the lyrics for this... I couldn't keep up :(
Toggle Commented May 1, 2009 on Dear Deer at chris leavins
Well, someone's gotta be related to these two crackpots...
Toggle Commented May 1, 2009 on Lindsay's Family at chris leavins