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I think Dax is saying - I, we, got this. In regard to the dynamic
If NYs timeline for Marquez return is Sept. 15, I'd say Marquez timeline for Marquez return is closer to December 15
Cahill's awesome Happy to have him in NY
As well I should mention there are plenty of WC and Olympic vets sprinkled over all the teams in CCL. That's why in the past it has been so difficult to break them down. Not to mention general quality of play, biased officials, and lake bed pitches.
Sho u right RayRay. Mexicans play football in Mexico. Great Chileans and Hondurans as well as others play there too. However, in sports every year is a new year. Each team has a chance to win big. Some more than others of course. MLS has a a couple of teams well positioned to compete very well in CCL
Fox tends to be hit or miss when not broadcasting EPL games but I still watch a lot of them. The news and analysis shows are total crap though. The one with Wynalda and Barton is eh...ok but the one with the ugly green screen background-- Boring and unwatchable. I prefer my blogs and podcasts. However I believe FSC is committed to quality programming and will eventually provide funds to make these shows entertaining. I can see acouple MLS teams making a nice run into CCL this year and next. It's going to make the next couple tourneys very exciting indeed
Lots big words being thrown around here tonight not to mention all the knee jerking and overreactions. USA had a bad game Really bad. The first half looked ok and looked like they could turn it around in the second. Of course they came out even worse. Mistakes were made by both coach and players but I believe the best teams learn from these experiences. And after all that sometimes a good butt kicking loss is the best lesson for a tired team. I'm not gonna give up on my team. Let's see what happens Monday.
they should put agudelo in, crutches and all, for bunbury
Anyone missing DeRosario right about now?
"Storybook Japanese champions Kashiwa Reysol take on OFC Champions' League winner Auckland City in Thursday's opening match of the tournament (5:15 a.m., Fox Soccer Channel)."
American Sperm is a powerful thing
I'm just happy to see Freddy smiling. He's been thru a lot and he deserves this chance to play
How about Brek Shea? He's got skill and speed to attack from the back JK likes to attack from the wings
Toggle Commented Aug 2, 2011 on Lichaj doubtful for Mexico game at Soccer By Ives
Nevermind own goal
Ironic how Arsenal still needs Henry on the pitch to win a Trophy :P
SSSHhh John Rooney's in
I concur Would like to see the Tin Man and Blue Cheese dropped kicked off the team.
Is this Hanneman talk serious or speculation?
Also I still think Tchani was worth keeping. Wish he was still here
WTF ? I know we needed him to step in and be comfortable right away and he's looked a bit awkard at times but I still thought he would make a difference come playoff season Not sure what to think about Dax. Fingers crossed
I'd like to see more response from MLS or USSF regarding the consistently INconsistent quality of the officiating that goes on in the league each week. I'd like to see improvement. I'd like know how they are addressing this problem. For instance, if a ref misses or botches 2 calls/fouls in one game does he have to sit out the next game? What if he blows 5 calls over the course of several games? Is he forced to attend any classes to brush up on his skills? What's really frustrating is that bad calls, from blatant offsides to physical fouls that are dealt with inconsistently occur each week and we, the fans, players, and coaches do not hear of any admonitions or punitive action taken toward the referee committing the offense. Why is this?
Aww I meant to say Friday night
Corey's game was passable saturday night but could've been better. Missing Henry's cross to the back post at the end of the game by giving up on his run was pretty weak. That play was a gem and credit to Corey, he initiated that play. He should've completed it by going hard to the back post. He might have had a shot on goal but at least he would have put himself in position. Its a classic play. I chalk it up to rookie nerves and learning curve but I expect better from a player of his caliber.
Game is lame. Can't believe Braun put 3 on NY He couldnt score in a whore house right now.