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Nothing prevents the CIC from declaring troops essential personnel ... Just like Reagan and Clinton did.
The truth continues to move forward ... It will not be denied. Did you notice, Obama would not answer ORielly whether the Muslim Brotherhood was a threat to America? I guess he does not want to alarm anyone prematurely. Prepare for the caliphate.
Is it possible that Bibi doesn't like commies? When you think Iran with nukes, think terrorist nuclear bomb in orbit. The ultimate terror weapon.
I think OKeefe could have chosen a better location for his prank, or at least consulted a lawyer beforehand. Federal property is a really bad idea to use for this stuff, with the terror threat still out there.
The cruelity of tyrants, they will do anything to retain power... You have to marvel at the US founders, no armed person will go quietly. The Second Amendment, it's not about duck hunting. Think where the Venezuealn people would be today if they were armed.
There is a fix for Firefox, it's called 'Better Privacy' add on, it eliminates flash LSO cookies.
The basic problem is simple, you can't redistribute dumb. Zimbabwe took all the farms and gave them to the 'right people'. Now Zimbabwe all starves together. Owning the farm doesn't make a farmer -- You can't redistribute dumb.
What is the caption of the picture? Date? Inquiring minds would like to know. Definitely he is calling Israel out ...
OK let me be the first to say, I think we vested in a fake ... Even the UN IPCC has now dumped the 'hockey stick' lies from their latest missive ... And substituted the lesser GISS lies. See this ... Has anybody thought to measure the warm swaddling blanket of CO2 that surrounds the earth's equator? Why yes they have, and it's not there. Here is a video that shows what happens when you actually try and measure it ...
And here I thought for all this time that immigrants to America were supposed to adopt American language and culture instead of that of the heathens. My guess is the Joker's tin pot dictator act will continue until the bitter end.
I wonder where she got that idea?
The only conclusion you can draw, the Democrats of the south were right, it's OK to have seperate pools for blacks and whites. Imagine that, we work so hard for inclusion, and shazam find exclusion is perfectly OK.
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2009 on Where is it not safe for them? at Atlas Shrugs
My gecko swims for itafter two months when my renewal comes. Already got calls out to alternates.
I am confused are these the very same 'death panels' that weren't in the bill yesterday? That Obama derided as fiction just Tuesday? It does get confusing, doesn't it. What makes you think you can trust your congressional clunker, have you checked the trade in value lately? The whole government run health care thing stinks to high heaven. Say you didn't know they would try this crap, and put the deleted stuff back later.
Hillary is in the storage shed ... where she can't run for anything. She just doesn't know. I assume she was unavailable for NK duty, too many daisies to plant.
The Astroturfers didn't have enough buses, nor store bought signs.
No nuclear power for the USA, that's the plan. Slavery by debt so large it can never be repaid.
WOW, good catch ... Did you fillet it?
Brown shirts being called to arms by the Joker -- Sounds like a call to all tea party patriots, doesn't it. Be there or be square.
Our racists president is doing this? I'm shocked, I really am. And here I thought he wasn't there for the 20 years he was a member of Rev Wright's church.
I still can't get that picture of Bambi and Odynga standing in front of the cheering dancing Kenyans ... Now that was a ginned up mob. Our Joker isn't very smart.
Having watched the "Dark Knight", know the plot line, the Obama-Joker poster is absolutely a great one. It should be everywhere. Yeah the left did all they could to demonize Bush.
You've been pedaling, it's working. Congrats Pamela for moving on up ...
Trying to start a family are we. A Rogues house of liars.
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2009 on Who Is the Real Villain? at Atlas Shrugs