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I'm looking forward to the column, but the title is kinda tacky.
@Nat Merit: "But what we're actually talking about here is complexity of models in terms of how fast and how efficiently they can be rendered." You are saying that lag is produced within the viewers, and that lag can be reduced by designing models of objects for efficient rendering? I disagree. I think the time savings you describe for a more efficient rendering pipeline within the viewer are minor compared the time needed, for each object, to get information on its component prims (including the textures, scripts, etc. that you call "assets") from the asset servers and to send that information over the LANs or Internet to multiple destinations (the sim and one or more viewers). I see lag as a combination of database and network issues. One thing meshes will help with is in reducing the number of prims needed for an object. This may result in significant savings depending on how other things, like textures, are handled by the designer. "...and also what Qarl claims is the number one cause of the type of lag most people complain about." Can you direct to me to this?
I think this is great to build with, but for reducing lag I'm not impressed. Of the total load on the asset servers, what percentage is prims and sculpt maps, versus textures, scripts, animations, sound files (as in gestures), etc.?
Scylla, I take it then you'll pass on "Jane Austen's Fight Club"?
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2010 on Fight Club Fashion in Second Life at New World Notes
Yay! I have one piece that I love, but it's too thong-like in the back, and I'd like something with more coverage. The ones on the left and center look promising. :) I'm not into matching heels for a swimsuit, though. I just use some basic flip-flops I found in the Library. *shrug* Thanks!
Oooh, I wish I could go to the oil spill benefit fashion show, but I have RL plans. *pout*
@ Ann Otoole: Maybe Hamlet would like run a poll to see what we think are the three biggest problems that residents are having. This could range from IP protection for sellers to response time of the asset servers.
@Toxic Menges: "Why do we need to compartmentalise?" You say that like it's a bad thing. Privacy, for one. Consider this blog post by Mark Pilgrim (of Dive into Python & ... Greasemonkey fame): And as a woman, I'd like to mention one word: "Stalkers." @Hamlet: Thanks for an interesting and UNBIASED post on this subject! :)
I went there once, and didn't do any shopping, which was shocking. ;) Is there a point where investing in a sim like this is counterproductive?
"Who Has the Most Friends on Avatars United?" Slow news day?
Hmm. If you were in Mouselook when the avi went into Tasmanian Devil spinning mode, would you be able to see where you were going? (Assuming this mode was not under user control.)
(After RTFA *blush*) So it's for their own hardware. Never mind...
Hmm. Will this work with the new Wacom Bamboo Pen+Touch?
@Ann: They'd probably do it by invoking trademarks.
That pic approaches Uncanny Valley. Except for the hair. :/ Hair makers need to use better textures.
@cm: Ooh, that's harsh! I'm against an achievement system too, but really.
*shrug* I hope I can ignore this as I do voice.
If there was an achievement system in SL, would I be allowed to opt out?
What would these numbers look like if you add paid accounts and tier, minus stipends?