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"wrtie" is what I do; what you do is write...
Mike, thank you for the pointer to Gene Ammons; I had not heard of him. My ignorance embarrasses me -- sometimes! I've got "The Gene Ammons Story: Gentle Jug" coming through the speakers as I wrtie, courtesy of we7 (a music streaming website, free but with ads). "Boss tenor" is coming up shortly. Haven't got the words to express my appreciation of the music properly, but I am very grateful to you. Cheers!
When it comes to those bubble plastic packages, I certainly share your irritation and annoyance. I use these shears; they're designed to cut through sheet metal, and they make very light work of plastic. And probably only about $10 in your currency, but well-made despite the price.
Mike, have you seen Kertesz's The Polaroids? Only 127 pages, but well worth having. It is one of my favourites. From the blurb: " Taken in his apartment just north of New York's Washington Square, many of these photographs were shot either from his window or in the windowsill."
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