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Percentages don't mean anything. for instance, I am just one man, or am I? Imux has now multiplied into many split personalities, each one furious at the other. One is a mild mannered man about town, the other a crass, vulgar beast who fantasizes about adultery with people's spouses. Yet another is a small town yokel. Who knows what Imux will appear next? By the way, fake Imux, I'm cheating on my wife, so I thank you for keeping her company. She told me you could use some tips, however. Why don't you email me and I'll tell you all about it? Imux: blogging anonymously since the invention of cowardice
Jamie, please do something. I can't swallow my own medicine! Waaaah! It taste like justice, waahh! Oh no, I, the real Imux, just let everyone know that I personally know the James Norton! What a fool I am. Looks like I'll have to just post on the Rush Limbaugh site for now on.