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The problem here is that sooner or later one of the Islamic nationalist groups will obtain and deploy effective WMD. I consider this to be too late. But this is the direction in which we are heading.
"The Hindu community in Mirpurkhas and its surrounding areas is being targeted by criminals day in and day out." Criminals by our definition. By Islamic law standards, they are only following the rules. This explains why police do nothing. The legal system is based upon Islamic law.
"On the contrary, Abdoulie Fatty, imam of the State House Mosque, blamed the non-Muslims for not supporting sharia's introduction because of their ignorance of the meaning of sharia. "The introduction of sharia in Gambia would not affect non-Muslims as argued by some critics but help make the society free of terrible incidents," said Fatty." This says it all. Actually, the non-Muslims are not supporting sharia BECAUSE they know about it. We here in the U.S. are supporting it BECAUSE we don't know anything about it. The second part of this quote is fabulous. Sharia help make the society free of terrible incidents? We in the U.S have a terrible incident of some a-hole who kills a bunch of people. In Sharia societies, they have groups of a-holes with artillery killing a bunch of people. Some comparision.
We are losing the war. And we are losing it on just about every front that matters. Afghanistan and Pakistan are only a small part of the overall war, but it is a good indicator.
No surprises here. What worries me here is thta so many still do not see this. On a related subject, an article about why it is good that Iran will get the bomb is in this issue of Foreign Affairs. It would not surprise me if President Obama subscribes to this view.
No surprise here. The war has not really begun yet, and this is not even the first shot.
Like the American legal system, Bill O'Reilly is giving the defense all the opportunities. Innocent until proven guilty. In this case, I have already made up my mind, as have you. I have studied warfare for more than 40 years and have not found another entity that has more causes for wars than Islamic government and nationalism. It is not even close. I see the problems in Rauf's arguments, but I am certain that many do not. However, some are very clear. I see similar arguments concerning the Palenstinians. The Israeli's have killed far more Palenstinians than Israeli's. I guess this is supposed to prove that Israeli's like to kill more than the other side. WRONG. In World War II, the U.S lost 40,000 KIA in the war against Japan. Yet will killed millions. And this makes us the bad guys? I cannot think of a more stupid argument. Yet these guys keep bringing it up. This Rauf is selling this same dumb argument when he talks about how many Muslims the U.S. has killed because of our support for 'BAD GUYS' that are leaders in Muslim countries. All this means to me is that the war really has not started, YET.
He does not understand the nationalist nature of Islam. On top of this, he believes that Islam needs to be protected because many Americans are hostile to Islam. He does not understand how Islamic nationalism is at war against us. Of course, he also does not understand that he would be the first to go once Islamic law became established.
"they all believe that the United States is somehow at war with Islam" WRONG. They all KNOW that Islam is at war against the United States.
We are all in BIG trouble if this is our first line of defense.
Sorry, missed the spelling: "As much as I don't want war"
As much as I don't waat war, I do prefer our enemies attacking our military. I just did not expect it at home. The U.S is on the strategic defensive. Defensive warfare sucks! We can expect this type of thing to increase in frequency and effectiveness.
It makes sense to Democrats to implement the VAT simply to help pay for Health Care. It will not be enough, as we all know. The fact that Democrats pushed Health Care through even though the population was against it may fuel the ability to add this tax. I am afraid of what the inflation will be like. Seems to me that it will be far worse than the late 1970's.
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President Obama is no friend of Israel. He is just beginning. "Change" is on the way.
England is in real trouble. Europe is as well. I just hope that we can reverse this tide without the war getting out of hand. WMD is what I fear the most. One of the biggest problems is that time is NOT on our side.
Yes, they both preach violence. One major difference is that the Bible does not set up a government complete with foreign policy, economic policy and a legal system with the death penalty in abundance. Islamic nationalism is the result of 1400 years of this religious 'government'. Political Islam is the cause of much warfare simply because it is in conflict with modern governance. Religions should not be allowed to field their own armies in order to kick out 'occupiers' of Muslim 'lands'. This stuff starts wars EVERY time. And this is only one of the major issues. Yes, the Bible has violence contained within. However, the Bible is NOT in conflict with the modern nation-state nor does it conflict with it's responsibilities and authority. The Koran does and this is one of the root causes of the violence and warfare that is being seen throughout the Ismaic world.
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President Obama is no friend of Israel. Change indeed. This war has the potential to escalate out of control and it is very likely that it will begin with Israel being attacked with WMD. (If not the U.S.)
President Obama is no friend of Israel. I see him placing more pressure upon Israel. This increases the probability of open warfare by leaps and bounds.
The war is coming to America. It is only a matter of time.
The war is comming to America. It can only be a matter of time.
The problem that I had with Ellison was that he was (not officially) sworn in with his hand over the Koran. He took a verbal oath over a document that is hostile to the United States in just about every way that I can imagine. Our own laws specify that the written document will override verbal contracts. In any place where conflcits will occur, I would expect him to follow the written document, which is the opposite of what our country stands for. The United States was NOT built upon Muslim 'values'.
President Obama ran on the idea that he will bring 'change'. He is doing just what he said. He is 'fundamentally' changing America. I just hope that we can get rid of him before the war blows up in our face.
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The war is comming to us. Playing even good defense in this war will not end it.
The sad part about this entire thing is that we are planning to withdraw next year. The political goal is to have all U.S. troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan prior to the presidental election cycle in 2012.
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