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Scraping the bottom of the barrel
Toggle Commented Oct 15, 2009 on A Techno-Communist Manifesto at Alphaville Herald
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Linden Lab > > L.T.D. > Patriotic Nigras > Cockroaches > Basement Dwellers > Nicholas (= furfags)
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YO RICO! "See look at your language, In Rl I guaranteed Im far more succesful than you." Yeah, u guaranteed all right! LOL MASSIVE FAIL Chicago Dog (with extra cheese no doubt) And tell Raine he's a broke dick dog you pole choker! ^^^^^ SHIT TONS OF WIN!
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@ that last Anon entry Butthurt doesnt even come close! More like the taste of sweet vendetta. Get it? Vendetta? LMAO Raine Dowding, Raine Downing, Raine Freschi, Angelo Rosca, Kal Campese, Ace Corleone r only a few of the accts "this guy" claims to have tossed to side as disposable. Fact is, "this guy" (is he a guy? - we're convined NOT) griefs in the name of Nicholas one time and the PN (what a joke that is...) at other times but definitely does it for his own perv'd obsessions. DG Weapons is FAIL. Mafiusu mob roleplay is recorded and joked about. "This guy" is far from exhibiting any kind of RL enriched behavior. Scotland Yard even has pictures of this bannedtard on the most laughable list; right above the toilets in the womens john. *you know they make a pill for that - right Raineman?* LOL Nicholas griefs in the name of LULz and the "I think I can - I think I can" genre & uses the likes of "disposable guy" to do their bidding as they cant handle it themselves. Haily (anon), its laughable. "This guy" is not only disposable but insignificant. And the fact that Atlas (Edwin) is a practicing PA is beyond ridiculous when u really stop and think about it. Probally never even passed the BAR and is justa right hand, pud pullin "intern" *wink wink* to some higher paid Lawyer. Hopefully you wont run into him in when in need of legal assistance. ROFL For all those paying for the service, these antics are not beyond comprehension and not unnoticed by the likes of those that provide it. The use of log out tools and spam flooding gradeschool tactics doesnt dismiss the BAWWWWWWWing of these REAL butthurt types accounting for ARs or whatever being against some type of edict of SL and how they themselves are immune to their use. Raine himself is the primo example of the short man behind the curtain (wizard of oz) small penis complex'd wanderer that has used the Mommy Mommy button on numerous occassions. And NOW somehow their accts amount to nothing more than paths to power totally forgetting about their prior Lab love lives and nephii fixations - Bawwwing bout their srs business ventures of 2006/2007 being disrupted by the same behavioral disorders they now condone. Power always runs from those that piss on their own tennis shoes. Their own CoS (code of silence) is a total joke and shown to be flawed on countless occassions. No, no, that fact still remains. Raine is a punk with "sights set low", fraught with underachiever implications and has gone from doing somewhat productive sh*t to being a transient nobody. A systematically erased nobody by way of "not doing his homework" and walking right into stupid, Gotcha situations - time and time again. Spend ur money Nicholas, on ur kiddie lands, playpens and circle jerks. The entertainment value is beyond return! And in the words of a has-been "Ciao 4 Now!" A very, very long now...
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