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I agree with the original answer by Mike. I will never again leave a gut shot deer overnight. About a week ago I shot a buck just in front of the hind quarters (I wanted to puke after the shot). The shot was made at about 7pm. I called a buddy and he confirmed what I had read about this too...that we should leave it for at least 8 hrs. Unfortunately, the weather was very mild (mid 50s) and the following day was to get up in the low 70's. We found it at about 7am the next morning. Also it had actually died within minutes after the shot because I had hit an artery and it bled out on the run only about 100 yards from my tree stand. So, it sat, dead, in the mild temps all night. I called around to a few meat processors and none of them thought the meat would be any good since it had been dead all night. Next time, (hopefully there will never be a next time!!) I plan on waiting 2 hours and getting after it.