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I somewhat agree with phred. If she was as important and brilliant as some of her fellow officials said she was then it would be a waste to let her go. By the way, phred, she is not an asset, she is a Case Officer. Now she could become an asset to other CIA officers. That would make more sense. Or they could make her a NOC. A NOC has no diplomatic immunity whatsoever, though this would make her more vulnerable to become a double agent. I don't believe that the agency would let her flip completely even if she did access unauthorized intelligence; she knows entirely too much. And, another point, the information that the government wants to keep from the American people is not the true happenings on 9/11. That's a joke that someone would even think that. The information that was to not be leaked are possibly the different interrogation techniques that are illegal, bogus threats and leads, and renditions that followed 9/11. A rendition is stated as illegal by the United States, it is when suspected terrorist are listed under arrest but never return back to the U.S. Instead, government officers, such as CIA,FBI,DSS or any other agency, flies them to a neutral ground and holds them for interrogation or torture. In conclusion, I would put money on the fact that the CIA is not completely finished with Nada Prouty.
Toggle Commented Oct 8, 2008 on More on the FBI's Own Falafel at The Next Hurrah