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Richard Zuendt
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I so agree with the idea that Eagle Court of Honors have become coronations! Being both an Eagle (class of 1967)and having three sons who are Eagles, I found this idea of an individual COH for an eagle to being outside the spirit of scouting. The only difference between and a Court of Honor and an "Eagle" Court of Honor is just that, and Eagle Medal will be pinned on someone! When an Eagle COH is run right, the younger scouts can take an active part in the court by finishing rank requirements and getting their second, first, etc. rank. What a thrill it is for them to be acknowledged in front of all of the people who are attending to honor the Eagle Scout! Let's get back to honoring Eagles in the proper manner, by acknowledging all of the people who helped the scout along the scouting trail.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2008 on Eagle Court of Honor at We've Moved!
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