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As someone who drives a black cab, I know I am having a busy day, when I do not get to a station to pick up. The early part of January was a very quiet time for cabs, hence the queues at various ranks. There are times of day when there are masses of people arriving at the stations needing cabs, and one could also take photos of these I suppose. The Eurostar services should be getting back to normal soon so the demand for cabs should even out. Andrew mentioned writing to Councillors. As a Councillor in Caledonian Ward I did not see any letter. Cheers Rupert
Lisa Pontecorvo, Phil Jeffries and now Ryan. Our community has lost yet another committed activist. I first came across Ryan in the eighties, at a meeting in Camden about Kings Cross. When Cally Neighbourhood Forum was established, he was one of its founding members, and he worked tirelessly to bring the community East and West of Caledonian Rd to work together to improve our area. During his time on the Forum, he made sure that all groups in the community could have their say on issues affecting them. He ensured that the community budget was distributed fairly and was not afraid to challenge the powers that be if he felt local people were being ignored or let down. Ryan was a regular at a large number of meetings, and he had the ability to keep interested when others wilted. As a neighbour, he would often be passing. I shall miss the interesting conversations and Ryan's take on life in our community. He was also interested in what our family were doing, what our children were studying, what their attitudes were, and what we were getting up to. Ryan was one of the reasons I joined the Labour Party in the eighties, and our Ward meetings will never be the same. Sue did a wonderful job looking after Ryan when he was ill, and I am sure that thanks to her care, he was able to continue activities for so long. Condolences to Sue. We will be thinking of you during this difficult time. Rupert and Ann
Ann and I met Phil in the late eighties. He was active in the Labour Party both in the Ward and on the Local Government Committee. This besides his considerable campaigning activies in the community. Whenever there is an election, we will always be reminded of Phil at the Count. Whilst I would soon lose interest in the votes piling up, Phil would be watching with a hawk eye; which Polling Station was being counted, what the proportions of the votes cast were, how many mixed votes were cast, and how it all tallied with his impression from the committee room. In the aftermath he would be able to present a convincing analysis of where our votes came from to help in future campaigning. This attention to detail was typical, as was his ability to think of ways of looking at situations from a perspective not immediately obvious at first sight. On planning matters I found this way he had, most useful as a member of a planning committee, and over the years he has helped shape the Kings Cross area for the better. I imagine that when the Kings Cross Station was finally abandoned as the destination for the CTRL, the railway developers may have thought that Phil and Diana, living so close to Kings Cross, would not have had so much of an interest in the new link to St Pancras. I imagine too their horror to find that with their move to Gifford St, they were well placed to campaign in relation to the new route. I shall miss Phil's expertise, which could match anything Council, Government or Consultants came up with. but more, I shall miss a genuine character who cared much for his community, and whom I was always pleased to bump into, and with whom there was always an interesting conversation or angle on life. Our thoughts are with you Diana.