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Wow...and Atheists say Christians are the biggest threat to mankind.
I wonder, would it ever dawn on Muslims NOT to seek revenge after they hear of rumors? Are these pathetic cowards so insecure that they must lash out at anyone or anything that embarrasses them? Can any group of humans really be that fucked up? I wonder how many of these brave and stalwart Muslim men would have ventured out with their pancake turners if they had to go all by themselves.
Miss mk750, I'll say some prayers for your safety and just remember, there is a drone out there with Barghouti's name on it. ; )
Exactly Dan. Bring Gilad home and then eliminate the 1027. Shouldn't be too hard since they will be back in the saddle and exposing themselves as targets the day after they're released.
Hey Justine Case, this has nothing to do with Islam, right?!
And the mindless idiots, (who as Pamela pointed out yesterday are getting paid to be there,) will gladly bend over on Friday and join the Muslims in their head-bangers ball.
Hi Miss Jan, Click on her clever name and it takes you right to it. All bilge and swill. Yes, in America any liar with a couple of fingers and a computer can have a blog. Justine knows she's lying which makes it all the more fun to check out. She's not getting the traffic that Pamela is though. Something to do with Americans getting tired of Muslim whining, (and lying) no doubt.
Nice try Justine. There is no such thing as Islamaphobia, just a term made up by the Muslim Brotherhood to keep the conversation off track and prevent normal folks from finding out what you guys are really up to. But we're onto you babe. ; ) Nice logo on your blog. What better way to illustrate Islam than with a two headed snake. Bravo!
"Huseinova fears that the increasing terror attacks will eventually start to pressure and control all spheres of a woman’s life—social, familial, spiritual." Oh, d'yah think?
Toggle Commented Oct 10, 2011 on Bombing Bikinis: Islam on the beach at Atlas Shrugs
I know, right? And he didn't kill himself so no virgins for him and no virgins for Can't-Move-a-Muscle-Nidal. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood.
Colonization. As Rocketman said, it is Muslims' obligation to make the rest of us as miserable as they are. They've been very successful at this in European countries so they have no motivation to desist. They will never stop coming, that is, until we stop them.
You know, Nezar, I've never run out of the house with a pitchfork in my life. But how many little boys have you sodomized again? By the way, if you're going to make up different ways to spell Muslim, get it right. The correct phonetic way to write it if you're making fun of the kuffar is not Moozlims. It's "Moose-limbs".
They all look so dark and demonic. I suppose that is considered a value in Islam.
Wait a minute...since when do you get to choose your doctor at the emergency room in the middle of the night? In the video she said she called ahead and was told she could see a woman doctor. I call B.S. The emergency room is catch as catch can. You don't get to give orders and expect to have them followed. She knew that before she left home. I'd check her phone records to see if Fibrahim Cooper called earlier in the day with helpful suggestions on furthering the spread of the Ummah.
"And she suffers from periodic hemmoroidal bleeding..." You mean, whenever hubby is feeling a little frisky? Islam strikes again.
Ah, the measure of a Muslim man's bravery and many girls, women, baby girls can you hurt with how many of your friends? What was it, like two, three, four Muslim men to one baby Jewish girl? Yep that sounds about the right ratio.
This is wonderful. The shut down of two judicial jihad cases in one week: first Pamela kicks Omar Tarazi's lying butt and now American jurors with brains don't fall for Muslim whining and render the most correct of verdicts. There was a conspiracy, there is evidence to prove it was premeditated and it was carried out. Sorry guys, no whining after the fact just cuz you got caught red handed. What's important here is that our system worked, and that system works when the rights of all people are considered and our laws protect all the people who live here, not just the latest (and loudest) special interest group that thinks it can throw it's weight around and either bribe politicians with money and votes or intimidate them with threats and violence. It didn't work this time and we are all the better off for it.
"Geller refused Tarazi's request to keep the terms of the settlement confidential in light of the important implications of the case for the freedom of speech." That's my favorite part, Pamela. Like Nancy Reagan, just say no. Poor Omar. You really screwed the pooch on this one, babe.
"Pamela Geller is still a fame prostie with the ethics of a gutter rat." So sayeth that stalwart defender of human rights and paragon of virtue, MJ. Hey, thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule of drooling over half naked man-boys to stop by and make a comment. Face it MJ, you're jealous of Pamela because her balls are bigger than yours. Deal with it, sweetie.
Oh this is absolutely beautiful. In spite of what consummate liar and all around Taqiyyah artist, Omar Tarazi says, the headlines at The Boston Globe, The Houston Chronicle, The Miami Herald, the Seattle PI, The Bellingham Herald, ABC out of Providence, RI, The Charlotte Observer, The Portland Press Herald out of Maine, out of Au Claire, WI, out of KY, out of New Orleans, and, just to name a few, all say the same thing OHIO LAWYER DROPS $10M LAWSUIT IN CONVERT CASE By ANDREW WELSH-HUGGINS, AP Legal Affairs Writer Hey Omar, if you are trying to spin this as Pamela backed down and you won IT SUCKS TO BE YOU.
Well you know, Bohemy, Rifqa's dad probably promised Omar he could screw her if he got her back. So now he is doubly annoyed: no money and no secrecy agreement. And no eighteen year old girl to practice his amazing sexual prowess on. Boo hoo.
Well Miss Cate, you know how it is, flashlights are a great disinfectant. And we all know that Omar is reading all our comments here, and shitting a purple twinkie. THAT'S RIGHT OMAR, I'M TALKING TO YOU!
Oops! 'Sorry guys, Omar-the-Coward-Tarazi put my comment up and then pulled it down within a couple of minutes. Now nobody can post any comments. : ( I guess he is not as confident in his win as he claims to be. But here's what he wrote anyway, for your general amusement: Wednesday, September 21, 2011 Settlement of my Defamation Lawsuit against Pamela Geller After a year of fighting, Pamela Geller finally caved in and agreed to permanently take down all of her defamatory posts regarding me to settle the lawsuit. This case for me was never about money, it was about standing up for myself. If she had only been willing to take down her defamatory posts regarding me a year ago, she would not have wasted thousands of dollars in litigation costs fighting me. I am very confident that I would have won the case in the end. The facts were on my side no matter how Pamela Geller tried to twist them. The Court explicitly found that my case was not frivolous and the Court had almost a year of opportunity to dismiss my case by granting Pamela Geller’s motion to dismiss but chose not to. In the end, it was not worth wasting another two to three years fighting over the issue with Pamela Geller caving in and agreeing to take down the posts to settle the case today. Obviously, it is not feasible or practical to use the legal system to police all of the crazy and untrue things that get said and passed around on the internet about a person. However, at least in this case I took a stand and won. I am very happy with this result and look forward to moving on with my life. You didn't really learn anything from this, did you Omar? We are onto your taqiyyah, man, and we're telling everybody what a deceitful, lying snake you are.