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Meghan Harvey
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Last night was open house at my son’s school. The principal talked up the PTA, talked budget cuts, and told us how great our recent scores were (our school, is currently in the highest 20% of schools in California). It... Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2010 at Silicon Valley Moms Blog
I think this just gave me a headache thinking about how I'm going to approach this with my daughter when she is a teenager. Oy Vey.
Toggle Commented Apr 27, 2010 on The Fat Trap at Hella Rad
Exactly! I wouldnt hold something that someone did almost 30 years ago against them. We do have to recognize that it would have been held against any woman who had pictures like that turn up, and its not ok! We need to change that double standard.
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2010 on Martha Coakley and The New Contender at MOMocrats™
OMG. I am so AWFUL about RSVPing!! I always intend to RSVP, but so often it slips my mind until the last minute. And then every year when I have parties for my own two fate pays me back two fold for my forgetfulness. Your post just made me feel really crappy (in a good way) and THIS year I will make it a point to be a better party invitee and RSVP with diligence. ;-)
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Jan 4, 2010
I'm totally there with you. Why does it always have to be one way or the other? Isn't there a way we can have both? *sigh*
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