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Toggle Commented May 3, 2010 on Obama Policy: No Nukes for Israel at Atlas Shrugs
Anybody else WONDERING WHAT THE POWDER, found in a 55 ft. high Gun Locker REALLY WAS?
NOV.2, VETO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY'S CONTROL OF CONGRESS. The "MOST" they could muster in support of Israel was a letter to Hilary Clinton INSTEAD of Obama. As far as Schumer, Obama will LET HIM "complain" a little,but ONLY for SHOW. Schumer WILL NEVER risk his leadership role and being in the pictures with Reid and Illinois' CURSE ,Durbin.
The Media is FOS. WHO will they try to con the American People into believing "did it"?? A Theatre Goer "unhappy" with his seats or some other "Keep on Moving ,Nothing to See" BS. Inside today's Lefty Media "Looking Glass",NOTHING is ever what it really is
NOTE: The PROFESSIONALLY made signs of these POS's shows there are DEEP POCKETS($$$) behind these America-Haters.
Toggle Commented May 2, 2010 on Pro-Illegal Immigration Rally NYC at Atlas Shrugs
INSIDE THE LOOKING GLASS WE ARE. Up is Down,North is South,East is West,etc. The ONLY Exception is that LEFT is NOT RIGHT,but WRONG,REAL WRONG. Pamela, a TRUE Journalist, puts the MSM other media , Bloggers,et al TO SHAME on a DAILY BASIS. IF "The Pulitzer" had any meaning at all,it would have been Awarded to Pamela long ago. As JCL154 so eloquently stated: "I never go to MSM for news. Atlas is where I go. I am amazed at all that is happening, that only Atlas readers know about?
THERE IT IS! COPYING Pamela's Speech transcript and PASTING it into an E-Mail to everyone's CONTACT LIST and to other comment boards is as easy as: EXCERPT: "I implore you to reject Jewish leadership that has failed the Jewish people in Israel. I tell you that six million Jews are crying and calling out from their graves. And you know what they’re saying? They’re saying, Stop fetishizing us. Stop building memorials to us. What you should be doing is saving the six million in Israel, when the next Holocaust is being planned. (Cheers) You hold your elected officials, you hold them to account. People say, What can I do? You can do a lot of things. You get involved in local elections. Chuck Schumer yesterday decides to make nice towards Israel …. I’m not buying it. We gotta dump Chuck! We gotta dump Schumer! Dump Chuck! Dump Chuck! Dump Chuck! (crowd cheers and chants) This man came out against the nomination of Ambassador John Bolton, who, by the way, was the greatest friend of Israel this country ever had! (Cheers) We’re gonna hold elected officials – you get involved. Listen. If history has taught us anything, anything, it is that the individual can change the course of human events. Today is the beginning. I tell you, we reject Jewish leadership. Why didn’t Hoenlein tell the Jewish day schools to be here? Why aren’t the Jewish groups here? Are we going to replicate our failure during World War II when we backed Steven Wise and not Peter Bergson? You think you are safe here in America. Don't you think the Jews in Poland, who lived there for a thousand years and had a rich history there, felt safe? It was the Israel of Europe, and yet millions were wiped out in only a couple of years. You are not safe. I ask you to join the new organization that I started with Robert Spencer, called Stop Islamization of America. Go to Facebook. Go to Facebook. SIOA. Because frankly, what you have, is you have an Islamicized President. And it’s just one man, and we have righteousness on our side. So as I leave you today, I implore you: go to my blog, You cannot trust the corrupt, criminal media, who demonize Israel at every turn. And remember: we’ve got HaShem! We’ve got HaShem! We’ve got HaShem! We’ve got HaShem! Thank you! "
Finally,there IS some media coverage coming up on search,almost 12 hours after the Rally began.
"ARMAROS" asked:"Lets see if the Dhimmi media will cover this." Armoros and the rest of us will NOT be surprised that the Dhimmi Media ,as best as can be determined by web searching, has NOT Covered the Rally. Nor have other New Media either. In fact ,THIS post of Pamela's is the ONLY coverage of the RALLY itself,as far as I can determine. EVERYONE: Please send Pamela's Speech video to EVERYONE on your contact lists and ask them to do the same. WE must do what the Media Whores WON'T. Pamela's recitation of TRUTH must be Amplified.
Look at Obama's Left Lapel: It's a CRESCENT with a * in it. And on the left side is what appears to be a BALLOT BOX,(with it meaning FREE Elections) EITHER Xed OUT or BULLSEYED. And for the LEFTIES ,The "Peace Sign" above Obama's Left Side.
That Silouetted Couple seem to be "Standing in AWE" of what looks like an Islamic Symbol Bursting Light Rays,and conveying some Subliminal message (resembles to a point Imperial Japan's Rising Sun Flag). Also, it seems that the woman's figure is suggesting that she's Burkha Clad and with a Head Covering
"The subpoena could be an unwanted distraction for a White House already under pressure to cut unemployment, nominate a new Supreme Court justice, pass climate change legislation and regulate the financial industry" A Jihadist TRAITOR commits an ACT OF WAR ,on American Soldiers, on a U.S.Army Fort in CONUS(Continental United States),and INFORMING the SENATE of the DETAILS is just TOO MUCH to add to their plate? Figuring out which LEFTY to put on the Supreme Court and HOW TO SHAFT AMERICA with "Climate Change legislation(Cap'N'Trade) OVERIDES National Security Every day and Twice on Fridays.
Look at that picture. His head and body seem to be tilted forward as if he's in the opening movement of A BOW as he and Qaddafi GAZE Admiringly at Each Other.. Bibi Netanyahu is TREATED as a PARIAH, but as the pic Pamela posted so WELL ILLUSTRATES, Qaddafi's CLOSE FRIENDS,Farrakhan and Wright, have certainly had THEIR INFLUENCE on O.
Does anybody else remember matchbooks that contained an ad to send away with whatever $5 or $10 fee and receive one's "ordination' certificate as a "Non Denominational Minister"? I knew 2 guys that did it and 1 of them actually used it to get "Clergy" Special License Plates back in the 70's. My point is that maybe an organization calling itself a "Faith Community" can claim the same RELIGIOUS RIGHTS as Islam. And as this "Faith Community's" Tenets,the MISSION STATEMENTS of SIOA and FDI would be most appropriate.
..."we have a policy that does not allow anyone's religion to be demeaned and there is such a thing as the First Amendement..." WHERE IS THE FIRST AMENDEMENT for SOIA? This is where that "VEIL" of calling themselves a Religion PAYS OFF AGAIN for THEM. HOW LONG will it be before they claim that DEFENDING ONESELF from Islamic Violence is DENYING THEM THEIR FREEDOM OF RELIGION to commit MAYHEM?? THESE are DARK DAYS for America and the World and instead of a Washington or Lincoln to LEAD US TO VICTORY,we have "HIM". NOVEMBER ,FOLKS,NOVEMBER.The DEMOCRATS MUST LOSE CONGRESS,but THEY WILL STOP AT NOTHING to NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.
And where else but Rochester Hills ,Michigan ,an "affluent" Detroit Suburb. It's OBVIOUS this was 'conceived" in DEARBORN. "Noelegy" is on the RIGHT TRACK> Halal WILL FOLLOW. Michigan,especially METRO-DETROIT is their 'portal" McDonald's IS a SYMBOL of America and OUR culture and this falls within the "destroy us with our own hands" plan of the "Muslim Brotherhood"
At the Chicago City Council Monthly Regular Meeting this morning, Chicago Alderman Ed Burke(14th Ward) in speaking in favor of a just introduced "Sense of the Council"Resolution directed to the "U.S. Census Bureau" , PROVED that the CENSUS BUREAU shows a COMPLETE DISREGARD and INSENSITIVITY to the American people and OUR Unemployed by purchasing CENSUS Promotional items MANUFACTURED in FOREIGN SWEAT SHOPS,RATHER THAN PROVIDING MANUFACTURING JOBS,in AMERICAN BUSINESS . Alderman Burke, an eloquent and gifted speaker angrily waved a Census Promotional Cap CHINA,T-shirts from Bangledeshi SWEAT SHOPS,and a third clothing item HAITI. Huge amounts of these CENSUS Promotional Items were shipped to each Alderman's Ward Service Office with the 'expectation" of them being GIVEN AWAY to those that would wear them . The resolution,known as a "Sense of the Council Resolution" will put The City of Chicago OFFICIALLY on Record as OPPOSING this OUTSOURCING and Calling for the CENSUS BUREAU to use ONLY American Businesses and Workers for CENSUS Activities and Supplies. There will be City Council Committee Hearings on this between now and next month's Full Council Regular Meeting. In addition ,Ald.Burke informed The Chicago City Council that the Regional Head of the "Census Bureau" has not RETURNED phone calls re; this issue ober a SEVERAL day period leading upto today's Meeting.
Wondering IF the v"Richard J" posting above is the University of Chicago Professor" of the same name. IF so, perhaps he joined the O's for Middle East Cuisine/"conversation" at Rashid & Mona Khalidi's Hyde Park/Chicago table? IF the poster is THAT "Richard J.",his time would be more fulfilling for him by taking a walk on The "Univ. of Chicago Midway Plaisance" and/or a snack & LEFTY WATCHING at "Mellow Yellow" on 53rd St.
"disgusted American Jew", If you know anything about Israel/Israelis,you BETTER DAMNED WELL KNOW that THEY WILL NEVER DO N-O-T-H-I-N-G and wait like the Defenseless European Jews for DOOM. Israel is WELL-AWARE of Jewish History and WILL DO that which is necessary to DEFEND ITSELF,you can rest assured. IF this"one month" report is true,GOD FORBID,than the moment of Truth could soon be AT HAND. IF it's true, than WHATEVER HAPPENS can be laid at Obama's Feet,for GIVING IRAN the TIME TO Build its BOMB with that "diplomacy" FARCE and an end of December Deadline that has now been EXCEDED by 3 1/2 months. Israel is also Well-AWARE that the "civilized world' has LEARNED NOTHING about APPEASING GENOCIDAL MANIACS as they CRINGE from Iran as they did from Nazi Germany. Who you SHOULD BE DISGUSTED WITH,are the LEFT-WING "PROGRESSIVE" MORONIC SELF-HATING JINOS who would get on the Cattle Cars TOMMORROW chanting "Yes We CAN" if OBAMA told them it would be "Social Justice". .
A GREAT American,Col.Ralph Peters, hit it on the head recently on FOX: Col.Peters said:" We DON'T have a Foreign Policy,We HAVE the OBAMA Administration's PREJUDICES".
I DISAGREE Laura. The " JEWISH VOTE" and FUND-RAISING can be PUT IN PLAY, MINUS the PERCENTAGE that are 'Progressive' LEFT-WING KOOL-AID DRINKING Obama "lovers". Even those that ONLY VOTE "Democratic" by ROTE,because their parents and Grandparents were Democrats should be persuadable. They MUST be brought to the REALIZATION that they Must VOTE for TODAY and STOP VOTING for FDR and The Democrats based on their ancestors' experiences during the First Half of the 20th Century. .
" fact Yemenis were part of the labor movement with Cesar Chavez.” The Jihadi/Leftist/"Immigrant" "Alliance" DIDN'T BEGIN YESTERDAY.
For The Record: Israel was DECLARED an Independent Jewish State , by David Ben-Gurion, in a Museum Hall on Rothschild Blvd. in Tel-Aviv on May 14,1948,before the onset of the Jewish Sabbath,to take effect Legally,at 12:01 a.m. May 15,1948,at the OFFICIAL MOMENT of Termination of the British Mandate.The Palestinian Arabs had the option to declare their State as well,BUT we all KNOW that THAT Didn't Happen (and therefore Israel is Still Fighting "The War of Independence"). 1949 is when Israel and The Arabs signed an armistice, on the Greek Island of Rhodes,creating the Pre-1967 borders which had Jordan OCCUPYING Judea & Samaria/West Bank. 1949 is also when Israel became a MEMBER of the United Nations.
"SouthernWolf' is right about the "coincidental" letter rearrangement. It's AMAZING how that works out.