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Fort Worth
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It's too bad Haynesworth didn't meet with concealed carry that morning.
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exactly WHY these imbecilic knucklheads need two YEARS minimum in the collegiate environment, learn the game (which they only think they know & learn how to accord themselves in the adult NBA) So, this bit about AAU, & coming up rough is BS, lot's of guys come UP rough, most guys in the NBA come up ROUGH.
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Oh cares... the game has been taken over by this element anyway. For the first year EVER I didn't sign up for League Pass I am through with the NBA!
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Mar 28, 2010
I feel like one of those guys waiting to walk the Green Mile, (heading towards the inevitable conclusion to something) because in the Morning I am going to sort out my Dish channels and begrudgingly remove TLC, OR how ever many associated channels I am forced to remove in order... Continue reading
Posted Mar 28, 2010 at Bootspurs's blog
If, The Human Race is a Garden Party of ALL the different people's of the World, THEN Paul M00Ney is the proverbial uninvited foul smelling SKUNK!
You know that IGNORANT-Å$$ behaving Paul Mooney hasn't even a millimeter of space to look back to see who is commenting about him with the words that come out of his smegma fouled breath. Mooney is a clear Racist, there weren't any clever stories, OR any punchline jokes about race or it's cultural dynamic, the target of his intolerable remarks were whites, AND anyone that may disagree with his invective. Mooney's remark's about whites are A discourse of bitter denunciation, A scorched earth, pay it forward approach to Racial relations in the twenty-first century Paul Mooney style, the man is clearly on a HATE-FILLED kick to insult and demean his audience and the broader white population at large! For onlooker's to simply sit through a Paul Mooney show tolerating his hateful, over the top tirade plays to AND underwrites the insensitive, lowbrow, barbarian element of our society, these "patrons" are the disgusting philistine's of our times who deserve Mooney's uncouth, uncivilized, boorish behavior, but most of all is the fact that Showtime picked up Mooney's Racist Show is an indictment of them and their hiring practices, it is obvious to say Showtime Exec's can go straight to HELL as far as I am concerned, I have cancelled my subscription to their nonsensical network until further notice... Moron's!! As for what the Comedian Earthquake had to say, AND Mr. Mooney's reaction to it, Earthquakes remark was MILD by any standard today, but Mooney's reaction is aa simple case of living in the past demonstrating Paul Mooney's INABILITY for emotional growth. I cannot imagine MOONEY ever having a true friend, Or adult relationship based on fairness, Or equity.. What a dreadful LOSER you are Mooney!