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If you are against eminent domain then vote for Perry - remember the Trans-Texas Corridor If you like your border unprotected then vote for Perry If you like your children to be mandated to take certain drugs then vote for Perry. If you like in-state college tuition for illegal aliens then vote for Perry If you want your children to be taught how to be more sharia friendly then vote for Perry. Don't believe that all Texans are for him. We are not. I will not vote for him as president. I want a real conservative. West/Palin/Bolton - give them to me. NO MORE RINOS!!!
Well heck. Now CAIR has forced me to buy a couple copies of muslim mafia and pass them around. Glad they are helping to expose themselves. hee hee! ;-P
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2011 on United We Stand Against CAIR at Atlas Shrugs
I see now. There is a delay on the posts showing up. I thought there was a problem with my typepad. Sorry! And again, HURRAY for the Courage and wonderful work done by Pam Geller and Robert Spencer!!! And best wishes to anyone fighting against the neo-nazis and haters of all Jews and Israel. They are poison and ruin everything they touch. Please do not allow them to destroy your quest for freedom. TAKE OUT THE TRASH!
Toggle Commented Jul 5, 2011 on The Evil That Men Do at Atlas Shrugs
God love this young man and keep him strong. He is battling against an evil fater who worships an evil djinn.
"When I saw what was going on - I told my manager that one day the Attorney General was going to catch this discrimination and blow this out of the water - but it never happened. Instead, cemetery companies all over also gave Muslims these "deals" and adopted it - and truly - if you saw the price list for any cemetery company of what you and I or even the veterans pay - (which is the exact same merchandise ) and what the Muslims get and the fact they get NO INTEREST with 5 years to pay - it would just blow your mind." Consider it well and truly blown! It's absolutely horrendous to see this happening. Once this becomes so well known that the infidels begin suing over discrimination, they will become more clever. The banks, FOREX, etc will make new companies for muslims only and direct their muslim clients there. There will be all sorts of little blockades to keep the rest out of the low cost deals. Another problem is so many of the judges are on the Left. Dhimmis are not very likely to decide in the infidel's favor.
Feel free to live on your dhimmi knees, Kevin. Meanwhile stop begging the men to pay attention to your girlie histrionics. You know how the hairy Iranian monkey made the first threat towards the USA and not the opposite. Jackasses like Kevin offers the moronic school yard excuse if "It all started when he hit me back."
"Only Israel has what it takes. Some people, however, are saying that Israel SHOULD pre-empt Iran. However, before pushing them in front of the bus, I DEMAND that they make damn sure Israel is fully armed and supported - OR JUST SHUT UP and wait your turn in line - behind Israel and behind America because they WILL come for you next." Well said, Marlene!
I know it will sound unbelievable but just a few days ago on Finnish TV, I saw an advertisement for tourism in South Africa. My first thought was, "You've got to be sh**ing me!" What do they plan to offer the tourists? A tire necklace for the man and a free gang rape and a complimentary case of AIDS for the woman? If you are not a journalist (like Noseraphami) required to be there, then watch the World Cup on TV, for heaven sakes. Any white South Africans who are able to leave SA, will leave with the shirts on their backs. They aren't allowed to take hardly any money with them out of the country. I don't know if the situation is the same in Namibia or not.
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2010 on A Journalist's Take in Johannesburg at Atlas Shrugs
In many ways, islamo-fascists are a bunch of girlie drama queens. But in this case, it has been amademonjizz's life long goal to harm the USA and Israel. How about this response: "If the USA is attacked, nuclear devices will go off in mecca, vaporing that foul black rock and turning the place into a wasteland."
OUTSTANDING! People who leave islam need protection from their families who intend to murder them for it.
Anyone surprised? They are very open about voicing their hate and can't wait to put it into action. :-(
It's not unreasonable for Sarkozy to think Obama is a power mad egomaniac. Many agree on that point. Whether the story is true that Sarkozy thinks Obama is fruit loops, I can't say but I wouldn't dismiss it outright either. I could see how Russia would be plenty happy to leak this story or make it up. Russia is blaming Obama for the dramatic increase of opium production in Afghanistan. I don't know if it's Obama's fault but the increase has caused a huge rise in heroin addicts in Russia. Obama's decisions against Israel is horrible. He can't even recognize an ally when he sees one. And what's with the addition of Stormfront members starting to post here?
It's now 2010. Four years have gone by and it only grows worse. "What's it going to take America?" Well let's see. We have a president who claims Christianity but behaves like an islamo-fascist and we have a society of fools who sling the race card at anyone that points towards the danger.
They want to turn South Africa into another Zimbabwe. Isn't one Zimbabwe bad enough?
God saves this sweet little girl from all the ugly things trying to destroy her. Make her wise.
Toggle Commented Apr 7, 2010 on Stemberger's Public Meltdown at Atlas Shrugs
It appears they are emboldened by their victory over Ann Coulter. Posted by: marzutra An excellent point! The dhimmis did let the islamo-fascists know they are allowed to go further. KUDOS to Vled Tepes for breaking the story!
Thanks for that info, nowayitcantbe. I feel much better. Feel like I got excited for no reason. Should have checked it out first.
Former member of the Nation of Islam? Sounds more like a member in good standing. What were the voters thinking. Makes you shake your head.
To canasia_us and any other interested parties: Fatima al-Dhaher is still on facebook. You just can't find her via the usual facebook search. She was omitted from that but she doesn't seem to be as proud of her links to the anti-Israel site. She hides it. . . . under a rock.!/profile.php?id=512846223
Too many campuses in the USA and Canada have been equally horrendous. They are against free speech and fear debate. If you are in the right, you would not be afraid to talk to the opposition. That's why they scream and throw childish tantrums. They are emotionally still 4 years old. I was able to watch the whole The Michael Coren Show with Anne Coulter. It was excellent! I laughed when I heard Coulter was going to use the faulty logic of François Houle and turn it back on him because he's "promoting hatred against her as an identifiable group." LOL! Well done, Anne!
First, this is for Jane to make her smile. It's a site dedicated to Canadian World Domination. Very cute. :-)
Beware of Ima Spencer. She is crazy as a loon. You should see her response to my post when I was sad for all the little Russian children murdered by islamo-fascists in Belsan. It kinda scared me. She told me I was a muslim then tried to do an electronic exorcism? She bares being watched. Notice her response to Sarastro. He was speaking of the OIC in Jedda and she raves on about a completely different topic he never touched upon.
"Speaking of disgusted, I was eating when I first scrolled down the main page earlier and caught a sight of Obamao picking his nose. Had to suppress the gag response. It wasn't easy. AuntieMadder" So much about him to make people cringe. Even his granny was creeped out by him. lol
IMA SPENCER "No, silly is not the word for you, you are a pathetic and insane old women. " I believe you have just described yourself, Ima. One of them, who is the 'them, you dotty old nutbag?
Just wanted to add that yes I know the wife of King Abdullah II of Jordan claims paleosimian heritage. But also notice that for years, Jordan refuses entrance into their nation to all paleosimians. USA citizens can enter with a free visa and so can many other western nations. Troublesome paleosimians? No entry, not at any price.