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Lee County Clowder
Lee County, Iowa
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"But the favorite toys for our cats were the cardboard boxes that brought Wish List gifts to the Wishers" But of course. No matter how much money & effort you devote to choosing the perfect toy, the only thing the kittie will play with first two weeks or so is the box everything came in.
sigh . . . . Hit the wrong button again. As we were saying: It occurred to us that these m little mice would probably freak out big time if they realized how many kitties were thinking about them.
It occurred to us that those mice
So glad Arthur and Silly Whim are doing well, and finally in their this-time-for-real Furrrever Home. At the risk of sounding like some deranged Trekky, may they live long & prosper. One eyed kitties might have problems as ferals, but Weeble should do fine as a pampered house kittie.
We're hoping that little raccoon recovers. (we were gonna say purrrrring for him, but we're not sure how he would feel about that) If he's still growing, we suspect there is a good chance he will recover if all his limbs are kept in position.
Purrrrraying for Weeble and the rest. Hoping they all make it though with no permanent damage. On a happier note, we suspect that little orange kittie is gonna be a rascal once he gets a little older.
Purrrrss to that little raccoon. We hope he pulls through. We gotta admire that tripod possum. Break out, hang out for a while, than dig back in to relax in a comfortable nursery, complete with food delivered to your bedside.
Sending soft purrrrrss and gentle head butttss to you all.
Cheers for Silly Whim & Arthur, and purrrrrrss & headbonks to their new beans. PS: They DO understand that we really, really want a few pictures in their new home, right? purrrrrss again. . .
Way To Go, Halo! Enjoy your furrrever home. Purrrrrrrss and head bonks to Ms C for her patient caring. Odds are Halo is gonna be a velcro kittie now that she is finally feeling safe.
Sending comforting purrrsss and gentle headbutts.
Welcome to the rest of your life, Isaac & Silver. You may not be entirely convinced yet, but things are a whole lot better for you now. Just hang out, relax and recover.
Way to go, Evers. Keep on getting better. (and be careful about which bugs you eat in the future, OK?) Your tease almost sounds like the tail of Truly, Shiloh, & Autumn, part two.
Getting sick from eating a bug? That is a new one for us. Purrrrrrrring that Evers feels better soonest.
"cautiously optimistic" beats the heck out of a bunch of other options. Purrrrrring that Evers makes it all the way to "fine" shortly.
Purrrrring for Evers.
Hey, it's Mack the Knife. Mackie, you lucked out, and we suspect you know it. Kittie, you just hang out and fatten up for a while.
Things seem to be going fine. Melissa seems willing to take it slow, and for sure seems committed to the adoption. Enjoy your furrrever home, Truly & Shiloh. Our guess is in about a week one or both of the kitties will be sleeping with Melissa (or maybe the daughter) The kitties may run when the bean wakes up, but they'll be there.
We are so sorry.
Fonzie is kind of a cutie. He looks a lot better than we were expecting from the description. Hang in there, woofer.
That must have been a bit more excitement than you really needed. Purrrrrrring that everyone recovers. Looks like Houston Metro changed the way bus passes work from when Dad was down there.
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Duchess is a good looking kittie, and she looks happy in those photos.
Everyone is looking good. Anastasia, you are a pretty kittie. Just kick back and enjoy your recovery/retirement, OK? Is Anastasia deaf in the side with the blue ear? We've heard that sometimes happens.
Chrystal, don't worry too much about losing any of us. Most of us are deeply invested in Winnie's Wish, if only vicariously through your blogging. Also, at least as of a few years ago, there used to be several companies running around that claimed to be able to recover data from 'destroyed' (usually crashed) disks. Not sure how much you are still missing, or how much those groups charge. Just for the record.