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Your right. Some customers do suck. Similarly, some products suck and tech support reps suck and business models suck. Suckiness is usually tied to unrealistic expectations. Is the SLA fair, is the pricing fair, are the prerequisite skills fair, is fair fair. Reasonable (and unreasonable) people frequently disagree. What I've found is that people who work in tech support have tough jobs but they also have a lot of discretion. Treating them right isn't just the human thing to do, it helps you achieve your preferred outcome. If you think providing computer tech support is bad, try working as a support rep for a health insurance company. Sick people are looking for money to recover previously incurred costs from a company that is motivated to not pay.
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Of all the social sciences, economics is the one where its practitioners are the most prescriptive. It's not surprising that the commenters raise interesting and valid debates. All this harkens back to the political leader (can't remember his name) who asked for a one-handed economist. Regardless, the summary of the discipline is remarkably useful. Thank you.
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Not all mistakes are created equal. Starting Webvan at full scale is different than building a prototype that fails to exceed expectations. Failure sucks but instructs when it doesn't wipe out your assets. Failure just sucks when you place all or nothing bets and lose. I guess one important life lesson is don't make all or nothing bets...
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