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You make my point: It's the exclusivity that is the bug bear, ... and the target. As for the 'gay communities' touching concern for the strength of the institution of marriage...
Since marriage is defined as "the union of a man and a woman for the purpose of procreation...", including same-sex unions automatically destroys marriage. The concept has gone. Kaput. And that's what the 'gay movement' wants. They couldn't care less about marriage itself; it's the exclusivity to the 'straight community' that upsets them.
I presume John Stevens (above) is referring to The Israel Test by George Gilder in commenting that nations that honour the Jews prosper; those that don't come to grief. Gilder's point is more general: Nations that honour and support high achievers (of which many are Jews) will prosper; those that are driven by envy of achievement will not. America has been the prime example of the first*; pick an Arab country for a prime example of the second. *Of course some are trying hard to stir up envy of "the 1%" in order to make America more like other nations - which free-ride on the innovations generated by 'the 1%' in America.
Of course unions are there to protect the workers from their greedy, rapacious employer. Which in this case is ... the Government. Seems to be working. Now we just need someone to protect the rest of us from the greedy, rapacious Government.
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