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Beverage Resource Manual!! End of conversation. You do NOT stir anything. You swirl the espresso into a sauce-type beverage other than that..yup, syrup, shots, milk and ice. I would be seriously disappointed if I saw one of my partners using a stir stick in the bar area.
If you're talking about IMS...we've been using this method of inventory tracking for over 3 years now.
We had a local program years ago..quality and consistency were terrible.
There wasn't anything posted until 7am EST yesterday about this. I called and got the info from corporate. There WAS an item this morning stating that nothing was sent out other than Howard mentioning it somewhere that wasn't an action item.
Partner Appreciation Day?? Missed that one. Your 10 doesn't start until after youve waited in line and received your drink. A DM in my area just had to remove 2 truckloads of misc. furniture and whatnot out of a "breakroom" in my area.
Im going with Moar here..thats whats going on.
Sounds like someone is having trouble with inventory management. That tells me you are not in my area..because that would not be would have a DM in your backroom throwing all of that "clutter" away!! LOL. Good luck with the dairy.
It does adjust the price.
Well, Martha..the rest of us won't be able to offer it because Ian has it all tucked away in the back, so hopefully, you are one of his customers..except when the product goes bad and they are still trying to use it.
High volume stores spot mop their cafes 2 or 3 times during the day..and 30 mins. to close a store is more than adequate.
They send out the same memo every year around the holidays..under no circumstances are you allowed to accept monetary gifts..they need to go in with the tips.
My district was actually involved in testing BRR and the drip coffee cadence. I am in a very high volume drip store and I thought this was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard of..but after doing it for 2 years now..its really no big deal to grind each batch as needed.
Again...where else other than Starbucks would you EXPECT someone to accept your EXPIRED coupon?
Seriously?? I say go fu$%ck yourself.
3 months to do the new Coffee Masters Program??? I don't even know what to say about that. probably rank Carol up there with names that arent so common offense. If youre that uptight about giving your name, just tell them not to bother.
This is wondering if im responsible for any of them!!
Im not usually on till..thankfully, it repulses me to think of all of the germs on both paper and plastic currency.
Thats just it..if you work any overtime..there are some shifts making more than you do hourly.
In the US..if you are an SM and not reaching full potential on your are barely making a competitive wage.
How about a CD for all of the over-worked..waaayyyy under-paid single mothers out there??? Seriously??
All stores have a monthly exterminator visit. I have been in my store for over 10 those years, I have seen fruit flies..only! It is unacceptable to have this kind of nonsense going on. As mentioned above..there ARE things you can do to keep them out. And I find the comment about mice hitchin' a ride with the pastry order slightly ridiculous.
The promotion was to fill re-usable cups..not single-use cups..which is what styrofoam would be considered. Those cups shouldn't have gotten free coffee. Our cafe' store on averages 90-120 trans/half hour..I wouldve loved to only had 50 people coming through at a time! And on the frozen bananas..NatDecMe is right about the time and if you don't have the time written on the day dot that is considered a QASA violation.
I can assure you..there is not a room at the SCC with 10,000 thermostat controls for each various store..does that even SOUND plausible that you wouldn't be able to control your thermo?? Call it in to Facilities..and thanks for the chuckle!