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Interests: musical theater, theater production
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1. Writing (writingwritingwriting…)Brindlebeast book & lyrics. 2. Pulling together the full cast of Brindlebeast. 3. Recording eight songs for the Brindlebeast demo CD. 4. Working with a composer on songs for Brindlebeast; parting ways with said composer (and demo CD). 5. Pulling up my socks; moving forward. 6. Seeing Brief Encounters—brilliant staging, wonderful ensemble. 7. Seeing Driving Miss Daisy —brilliant Vanessa Redgrave and James Earl Jones; curiously uninventive staging. 8. Seeing La Cage aux Folles. Brilliant. (Period.) 9. Working over the script with the cast and creatives of Brindlebeast for a week in early November. 10. Getting ready for a second go-‘round in a bit less than a week!
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Paper Mill Playhouse, Milllburn, NJ. Cinderella, I think. Must have been 1958-1962. After that: Purlie and A Chorus Line. It's true: What we learn as children does shape our life passions as adults.
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