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Washington - The State
Interests: coffee, cooking, computers, cats, leaving the world a bit better place than when i entered
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WOW, I didn't realize my 10% Gold Card discount had been costing Starbucks so much...
@ spence -- IMHO&E most Starbucks stores are not designed/setup to be a coffee shop, let alone a coffee cafe. Starbucks has put no educated thought into store design to optimize food preparation or presentation. They also do not provide a welcoming eating environment. Too often I am greeted by the mess left by crumb-crunchers and other alien spawn. Most Starbucks are not adequately staffed to clean up the messes left by the majority of inconsiderate coffee drinkers, let alone the additional mess of the eaters. Starbucks is following the flawed business theory of profit by expansion (adding products and/or stores) and totally neglecting quality and customer experience. Even the new non-Starbucks branded stores, while they look good at first glance suffer the same basic Starbucks flaws under the surface. You can only sell sizzle for so long, people really want a good quality steak -- not shoe leather.
This is nothing but creative accounting and not a true indication of the health of Starbucks. If the profits were really there, Starbucks would not be radically changing their card programs.
Not to seem like an ungrateful 30+ year Starbucks customers and as one of the privileged few who was rewarded with the coveted free Gold Card, but Starbucks has caused me to re-evaluate my relationship with them. This is the final straw. I will not be buying any Starbucks "gift cards" this year for Christmas giving (last year I bought $1000.00 worth), nor any other Starbucks products. I have started to leave twice my usual daily tip and will leave some extra special cards with tips for Christmas. I will miss my friendly baristas, but as of January 1, 2010 my Starbucks habit is done.
Hope this is an unsubstantiated rumor. I would not be a happy camper for not being rewarded for my many years of SBUX habit. I could accept starting at the Gold (signature card) level (which should become permanent) and receiving further benefits with reasonable future purchase requirements.