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aww, poor Derek. I'm sure some of that 60MM will be able to absorb some of those tears.
Lowe, Brandon Jones, and a lower prospect for Swisher. That leaves a spot for the Yanks to either re-sign Damon or go after Bay/Holliday.
Willingham and Cameron are at the top of my wishlist. If we trade Vazquez we better be getting a game changer in return.
The offseason is still young. Wren will make us into a legit contender. Bank on it.
Great move for the Braves. Only 7MM after Hoffman got 8MM. Wren is the man.
Philly fans will get behind a team they can relate to. It's just a matter of putting the right team together. Albeit, I think they'll sell out the first handful of games. It's just a matter of sustaining it.
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2009 on A look at the state of the Union at Soccer By Ives
LOL @ Yunel Escobar. The Sox better be ready to give up Ellsbury+ if they are coming after Yunel.
Little pump up video I made:
Another great fit for the Braves. Wren has a ton of options, he better not come away empty handed.
It's sad that this got it's own post.
Perfect cheapish fit for the Braves who could play the OF or 1B.
I'd try and sign Nady for cheap for 1B, then go after Cameron for LF. If those don't work out, I explore the possibility of trading for Uggla. Move Prado to 1st and Uggla at 2nd.
Agreed Ian. If Wren tries to trade for Capps my huge support for him will fly right out of the window. Capps is awful. The guy has ONE pitch. As for all the other stuff, I think this is like the 5th different post on what the Braves should do. I'm so tired of it, ready to get to the action already. Hot Stove Season > World Series.
Great news. He needs to start both matches. Any news on TV details yet?
Lowe is in decline. If Wren can get rid of his contract he'll put his name up there with the elite GMs in the game. You can't blame him for signing him. We were absolutely desperate for starters after losing out on Peavy and Burnett. We went into panic mode. I remember when they were meeting at Turner Field, I said that we better get him sign. In hindsight it was dumb. Get rid of him Frank and get us a bat please.
Nady to the Braves makes a lot of sense, especially if he comes cheap.
Only way we sign a high priced FA is if we deal Lowe.
Corey Hart is worse than Failcoeur. We should do whatever it takes to get Uggla if the Fish are willing to trade him. He'll move positions it's not like he's married to 2nd base. As for free agents, if we get Uggla I'd like to see us go after Nady. He'll be cheap and is a very solid bat when healthy.
LOL @ Texas cleaning out our minor league system and us still having 2 of the best prospects in the game. (Hanson and Heyward)
I'd like to see the Braves take a chance on him if he comes cheap.
When is the Braves' offseason outlook coming?
Before everyone goes and throws his horrible numbers from this year out, let me just say that this guy has so much talent. I don't know what happened this year, but Kelly Johnson can hit. Whatever team takes a gamble on him will see the benefits 10x over.
I'm willing to eat half of Lowe's contract if we somehow get a legit power bat.
The Pirates won the McLouth trade. This coming from a Diehard Braves fan. McLouth was highly overrated because he put up good number on a bad team. Charlie Morton is going to turn into a star. Gorkys Hernandez could be a good leadoff guy one day. Locke isn't much but he's still a prospect.
LOL, I would've taken a pack of chewing gum for Failcoeur. I can't believe we got a living person for him. Church can go away now.