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Interests: Politics, Charity and Human Capacity Development
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The Entrepreneur, Before you castigate Black churches in the United States and Great Britain, remember that President Barack Obama spent plenty of time in a small black church. He is an inspiration to small churches and one of the most thoughtfull leaders of this great country. The Bible does not confine supreme theology to big churches of any particular race. You, your wife, children and neighbours make a large church under Christ. What is important is not size but the word of the Lord. In a free country, you rally others not by the size or ethnicity of your church but by the resonance of your message. I hope you had Anglosaxon education.
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Book is a concerted attempt by sycophants to re-write history and re-focus on demagoguery. Many Cameroonians know what direction Cameroon was headed in 1982 and where it is today. As 2011 approaches, Cameroonians must beware of fake projects designed to play on public emotions. Examples include sports complexes all over the country!
Sis Ekosso, You write for us all. The only point of disagreement is the perception that you have to be liked by the natives to stay in Europe. Rather, I would ask whether what you need from Europe is worth the stay. What we Africans must understand is that we often have to "cease" what we need from Europe and European opinion can be secondary. Our interest comes FIRST. This is precisely how European bucaneers thought during colonization. They came un-invited with guns. Take a European passport even if you hate staying in Europe. The passport is an essential working document and exempts you from costly travel VISAs and immigration services. Europeans do not expect you to join the army and serve a deployment to qualify for a passport.
Toggle Commented Dec 27, 2009 on Entering Fortress Europe at Up Station Mountain Club
Gan, You asked a good question! Despite nearly 60 years of independence, a very high literacy rate and professional skills - many of us Cameroonians still lack one thing. That thing could be described as an "even temperament". I mean the ability to tone down impulsiveness, execute fairness, be even handed, exert influence without throwing invectives, bring decorum and a facts-based approach to a job so as to be taken seriously by the other side. We are not yet good at these things. A Cameroonian coach needs these abilities to be taken seriously by overseas clubs where most Lions play for a living. This weakness permeates our societies. Remember the "boxing Ambassador" incident recently. A leader, once in office, stays in office and becomes very dismissive of the legitimate aspirations of his contemporaries. It is a deficit in a key aspect of human development.
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2009 on Photo - World Cup Draw at Up Station Mountain Club
Treat your spouse well. Kindness, honesty and fedelity must be in place. Usually, the new wife is transmitting the hurt she gets from the husband, ocassionally with amplification, to the other children. The are horror stories in the Cameroonian community. Forcing the other children to have cold baths, handwash their own clothing, go to school without breakfast, return to a home without cooked meals under the pretext of waiting for "Daddy" are commonplace. If you treat the new madam well, a rarity with many Cameroonian men in America, then your other kids are more likely to get same from Madam when you are not at home. All new madams look at your cell phone statement to know who you may be talking to.
Adolf, Adolf, Don't underestimate the power-hungry Paul Biya in the paramilitary regime with a civilian face that has been built in Yaounde. Despite lessons of bitter resistance in Nigeria and Kenya, Mr Biya went ahead, quite surprisingly, to enact a defacto Life Presidency for himself recently. He misused the army to kill protesters. Unless nature intervenes, Mr. Biya will be a candidate in 2011 and "win" the count regardless of the vote. He is currently busy locking up potent adversaries with critical experience, leaving only political eunuchs free, under the subterfuge of an anti-corruption drive. The current president is the most corrupt, politically, financially and intellectually.
The principal flaw in Mr Paul Biya's thinking process is captured in this sentence "The Government is responsible for implementing the guidelines defined by the Head of State". This flawed theme is in presidential directives and major documents. It basically usurps the role of the judiciary and stifles initiatives in cabinet. Who can dare deviate from the guidelines of the pope? The erroneous presumption is that the Head of State is flawless and can dictate with impunity. This has been a recipe for catastrophe as one looks back at the Biya years. From the liberal spending that worsened the recession in the late eighties to many missed opportunities. Every time the President takes no responsibility for the failures of his policies but insists in advocating impotent demagoguery from the pulpit to an uncritical Cameroonian public. Why can the functions of ENAM not be decentralized to the Universities as in many developed countries? My friends, ENAM is no single magic bullet!
Once a president, always a president. Give them all state burials in the nation's capital and their records, while in office, should be accurately catalogued for future generations.
Ras Tage: Debaters like you throw sharp words with no substance - just dust and nor even smoke underlain by a fire. You can't say someone who has deeds is equal to an under-achiever. That is nonesense and a catalyst for complacency. Of course Foncha has a legacy - the very substance of the NW/SW debate as you earlier cited. Foncha and Ahidjo created the modern Cameroon State, imperfect but can be perfected. I ask us SWners again: Show me the Legacy of Inoni or Musonge in the SW!!! Let alone in the NW. Are you going to show us the bags of rice they sent to the SW for Christmas as Legacy. Definitely, Achidi Achu's legacy is the University of Buea, and in collaboration with Azong Wara the GCE Board. SWners get jittery when asked tough questions. Show me the works of Inoni or Paul Musonge on the ground my brother. The NWners forced the hand of Biya into multiparty politics. Remember, even CRTV denied a party had been launched in Bamenda! They did it. Deeds not words please! If you do not respect deeds then you will always curse the NW and Western Provinces but they aint waiting for you.
Good piece but there is a great gulf between President Ahidjo and President George Washington! Granted the opportunity to make himself King by his fellow lawmen, George Washinton reportedly asked for power alternance and stepped down in favor of John Adams. These are men who rebelled against the Crown and kept to their words in honor of their fellow citizens and country. It seems unfair to state that "all mortals want to elongate their tenure of political office even when the elasticity of age, time and performance has been stretched to a breaking point". The phenomenon is a desease affecting half-baked men fearful of their own legacies, which themselves are bound to be short-lived.
Ras Tage, This NS/SW debate makes no sense. Foncha and Ahidjo are dead. Their project was to forge a union, which though imperfect, can be made more perfect. We in the SW are very complacent. I remember it was the maestro NW politician Achidi Achu who as PM baby-walked the anglophobic Mr. Biya to authorize the University of Buea. It was also the go-easy Physics teacher Azong Wara, also of the NW, who masterminded the GCE Board and this institution is based in Buea. Now, what legacy have ex-PMs Paul Musonge and Chief Inoni both of the SW, left in SW, let alone in the NW? The NW birthed democracy to Cameroon with the slaying of 6 in Bamenda by Biya forces. Mr Biya founded his party there. Give credit to where it belongs as a matter of historical fact. We must stop blaming the NW and look at issues with critical minds. NW boys and girls in the Diaspora are formidable powerhouses in real estate, politics, business and academics. We can lear from them instead of making irrational criticisms.
The "Entrepreneur Newsonline Inc." does not understand that anyone in power for more than a quarter of a century and auto-framed to be the defacto "Life President" has usurped his contemporaries badly and completely lost sense of his core responsibilities. This includes a duty to facilitate power alternance to give his contemporaries a chance to lead the ship in a democratic state, while making a contribution from the back-benches as an inspirational statesman. That is the acusation against Paul Biya himself. He is politically-corrupt in using the power of the Presidency to enact a life presidency. He is financially-corrupt in living a luxury life style on a so-called "sovereign budget" devoid of parliamentary oversight. When did he last make a state visit to any province to meet the people? The issue now is not whether Mr Biya is the inviolate Head of State but about the State of his Head in turning the presidency of a Republic into a pseudo-monarchy. Cameroonians want change with power alternance to give others a chance - they don't want a King at the State House. He is imperfect like all beings alive, hence the need for power alternance. The last perfect man has nailed to the cross.
Felix, The list has no end. When the curtain closes, there shall also be investigations of killings and witchcraft at the Presidency. The sword of justice is sharp and shall uncover the nasty practices of VIPs from the eastern dark forest. Alain Dipoko aka Yabassi boy is delibrately provocative but shall jump ship before the cock crows twice. Even Judas had the courge to wait for the third!
Father Christmas, Nice talk but as Stalin once stated "Those who count the votes are more relevant than those who vote". The same is true in Biya's Cameroon. It is amazing that Paul Biya has been allowed to trick everyone, including the British Commonwealth and ex-PM Tony Blair, on the key issue of An Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for Cameroon. "What chance has life when death is the physician?" - William Shakespeare. ELECAM is going to put the CPDM in charge unless there is a popular uprising. Cameroonians do not like uprisings!
This is the inevitably consequence of politicizing the civil service. It is shamefull and patently undemocratic that the Embassy of the Republic of Cameroon in Washington DC is synonymous with the ruling CPDM party.
Njoh & Nteb, Nanje has spoken out what he knows. Let the other side speak. Don't indulge in the infantile act of condeming a messenger. All good men have powerful enemies.
Condeming Mr. Mpeck without resolving the basic grievances is how Cameroonians try to resolve problems. This approach is bereft of principles and driven by uncritical hommage to CDPM Leadership - a unique weakness of character. The CPDM party is rotten to the core. This is a party that is both fiscally reckless and politically corrupt. Who told "Stalin" Paul Biya that he can make himself a defacto Life President?