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Why is it for sure - have you ever even been to the Netherlands?
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Government largess includes creating roads and bridges large enough to support your trucks, ports to allow you to get shipments, rivers made navigable for your barges, security for your factories, tax breaks so you will put your factory in a local town, courts so you can fight your legal battles, and foreign aid and diplomacy so you can peacefully trade with other countries, education for the populace so you can find good employees, regulatory departments so you can do business on a level playing field. Large business gets huge governmental largess - where are the numbers for this?
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If you leave roads to the free market, you will quickly learn that the free market isn't interested in roads that get little use, so your rural people would have to stop farming and move into town and use horses to get out to their fields.
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Only if they are a needed bridge. Teachers and education are in great need everywhere.
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Removing it would be the definition of lameness.
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How do you legally punish a corporation that murders someone? By the next day, the entire ownership and employees could be someone entirely different. Corporations don't really exist as there is nothing that has to remain the same from one day to the next other than the piece of paper filed with the government.
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