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"an you or anyone really predict government spending priorities in forty years' time? No." The best time to stop a future change to the pensions system is the future. The second best time is now -- there's no route to a good pension provision in the future which consists of cutting it now. Apply this to the NHS for instance, the best way to ensure it exists in the future, is to ensure that it doesn't get cut in the present. If the issue at hand is the political power of the old, one thing I've observed is that young people tend to become older as time progresses.
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I used to think that this sort of hoopla might be worth it if - as a previous commenter says - we got rid of the organizational ineptitude. The problem with this sort of thinking is that it doesn't examine closely what replaces this organizational ineptitude. To put it another way, far from being Berean, Willow Creek doesn't seem to even engage in the cultural critique of such management styles. This is even before you get to the knock-on spiritual effects of organising a church around the model of a corporation. To put it more crassly, what is Neutron Jack going to suggest as a church growth strategy? Firing your bottom ten percent every year?
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* typical spoken communication tends to be off-the-cuff and ad-hoc. Unless you're extremely disciplined, on average you will be unclear, rambling, and excessively verbose. * spoken communication puts a highly disproportionate burden on the listener. Compare the time it takes to process a voicemail versus the time it takes to read an email. Carefully composed writing is a lost art in many parts, lots of people write like they speak.
Boomers, moreover, who are projecting the utopian hopes of their own youth onto the new generation.
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