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It is definitely the car companies fault for putting themselves in the position where they would have to be bailed out in a capitalist country. However, America isn't ready to deal with the gravity of situations that will stem from not bailing the car companies out. All the jobs that are associated with American car companies will be lost. That means all the car part suppliers and builders and people who didn't necessarily put the car companies in the position where they would have to be bailed out would be punished. Hundreds of companies would have to go out of business and millions of jobs would be lost. The key now is to preserve jobs and prepare to get the economy back on track. Unfortunately, the tax payers have to pay the price. Also, people who already own American cars, which represent a large amount of car owners, are at a disadvantage. If their car breaks down and needs a new part, where are they supposed to go? The companies that supply American car companies with parts would no longer be in business. There's no guarantee that you would be able to buy genuine parts for your American cars. Not bailing out the car companies may put a huge financial burden on the millions of people who already own American cars. This would only further complicate things for many Americans. I realize taxpayers are angry at the car companies for being irresponsible, and they should be. Usually if you have a bad business in a capitalist society, then you go out of business. However, the car companies may have known that they were too important to ever let die which allowed for them to manage their companies poorly. Therefore, government workers should be appointed to make sure the car companies handle things properly after the bail out. Also, taxpayers should expect to be reimbursed if American car companies get back on their feet. I would agree that it is a necessary to preserve American car companies, but I would also agree that it was unnecessary for them to take advantage of the system. Since the American car companies don’t manage themselves well and are being given money, they should be classified as risky. If the taxpayers are giving the car companies money, they should expect to know how well it is being used. That is why I proposed earlier that government workers, who have experience in financial and business management, should be appointed to keep an eye on the car companies (until they get back on their feet). This goes against capitalist ideals, but having these people watch over the companies would relieve the taxpayer and let them know their money isn’t being used irresponsibly. It is unfortunate that American car companies would put our country in the position where taxpayers have to pay for their mistakes. However, preserving the car companies saves hundreds of companies and millions of jobs. It also prevents financial burden on those who already own American automobiles. However, we shouldn’t leave them alone with our money. We need to supervise their businesses and overlook everything they do. This goes against capitalism, but it is necessary to prevent more bad decisions.
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