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I don't think it was said that the man is supposed to be from France, just that he and a girlfriend? spent the summer in Paris.
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The model's name is Jake Davies(Welsh name that is pronounced Davis). He's been around a while and has worked with Karl a lot. Public school boy, too. Much better model than Baptiste, and a lot sexier.
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One of the world's most beautiful men.
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The other models (from left to right in the first pic posted) are Andrija Bikic, Jamie Strachan, and Michael Gandolfi. I just love looking at such pretty men! And the clothes are nice, too.
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2010 on STRELLSON SPRING SUMMER 2011 at OHLALA Mag
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They're all great, but Noah Mills and Sam Webb are the best!
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The man applying the make-up is so beautiful. He looks like the model Arthur Kulkov. I wonder what his name is?
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Jason retains his OC boy charms. We can hope that we'll get to see more of his OC boy body
Congratulations to Colin Firth on his nominations. I hope he is Oscar-nominated as well. What about Julianne Moore? Jon Kortarena is so special. I hope to see him at an awards ceremony as well.
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Isabeli is the best as always. Such a beautiful and alluring woman. Cory Bond has emerged over the years into a really versatile and sexy model.
What's wrong with being a "pretty face?" So many men aren't even that!
Toggle Commented Dec 13, 2009 on JON KORTAJARENA by SHOKY VAN DER HORST at OHLALA Mag
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The make-up guy really is hot. I thought it was the model Arthur Kulkov. Anyone know his name? Maybe he should be doing the campaign. Jesus is a nice boy and I hope life is kind to him, but he simply does not work as a model. Even Baptiste, mediocre as he is and amateurish as his campaigns appear, is better. But I like him and wish him well just like Jesus.
Love those eyes, too, and that hair should have fingers ran through it all the time.
Toggle Commented Dec 8, 2009 on Too Hot For Monday: Caio Moreno at Made in Brazil
Eight-year-olds are straight.
I loved the pics of Gisele, Isabeli, Felipe, Tony, Joao, and Edgar. Rio is one of the most unique cities in the world.
Both Adam Senn and Jay are super hot. As for Jay's hair, a lot of gay guys I know like longer hair on men if it looks good on them. Not all gay men are obsessed with what they inaccurately perceive as making a man masculine, such as huge muscles, excessive body hair, 'butch' hair.
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2008 on OHLALA ADAM IN THE CITY! at OHLALA Mag
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