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At the moment, Russia Insider seems to mirror Caspit's latest article. I suppose they paid the dues. Should I compare the content? Admittedly, I didn't. Simply followed the link.
They, the Israelis, can model themselves after France tomorrow, declare a secular democratic republic - with Liberty and Justice for All - called Free Republic of Palestine. This is interesting. Room full of mirrors? You keep reminding me, why it felt you could be exactly the opposite to what you pretend to be. Would "enemies" always mirror each other? ... I thought about mirrors once again listening and then reading Golan's speech in Washington. ... But this surely reminds me of it, maybe part of the reason why we clashed on Charlemagne? Quite some time ago. Remember? I still would love to see an exchange or discussion between you and e.g. Patrick Bahzad on Lebanon, by the way. My most favorite and somehow pretty innocent, since in non-reflective repetition mode, 'Hasbarah', Richard Witty, once wrote: "Israel is as Jewish, as France is French."
via Al-Monitor, Ben Caspit, Israel Pulse: Strictly that's how I interpreted Golan's speech.
That's a somehow odd statement from my perspective, kao. Looking at the larger history of Poland over the centuries. Not that I am a fan of the political trends in Poland today. But that may well be part of a larger trend. No expert on matters ...
This will be fun to watch. Not sure, IZ. Listen or read Golan's speech. Transcript is not perfect. Nitpicking ;) But, if he is controversial, why is he asked to write Israel's defense policy? "No, it won’t be like the Second World War. It will be easier." Its not anymore about fighting the poor, that's the big paradigm shift compared to the last 3 decades. Thus starting with the First Intifada? Now Iran is the at the center. Remnants of post 9/11 wisdom. State sponsors? Item: The 2011 Washington Assassination Plot?
What is Europe? A continent with a larger complex history. As Asia? As America? Thank you for the German lesson. You're welcome.
Makes sense, Pat, if I look up zhe emphasis around the event over here on the sites of the German Larouchians. Once, quite a long time ago, I stumbled across them with their little leaflet display table on the way to the university library. Admittedly without ever looking back, beyond basis curiosity, nutshell assumption: they tried to find adherents on Larouche's 'cute' culture ideas, for loss of a better way to put it. There are remnants of reminiscences on the more murky layers of my mind. They seem to stick since there were other synaptic facts stored in which context they may have made sense.
Toggle Commented Sep 12, 2017 on Is there a SAG-SDF deal? at Sic Semper Tyrannis
David, time and context of the earlier comment, you may want to link to? Seems I have a more general problem after updating. Now I have to figure out why, from the top of my head, updates may be an inefficient solution to keeping relatively safe. ;)
may I simply follow you on that, dear Norbert M. Salamon?
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TTG, it did never creep me out, but I noticed some around here discussed that it was imprecise. I didn't look closer into the debate. I never really worried about that. Quite the opposite it thought me about my provider who cooperates, that I knew longer with a Spanish phone company active here in Germany. Thanks, that was it. Live Traffic somewhat liked it, admittedly. ;)
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2015 on Posting comments on SST at Sic Semper Tyrannis
"I would need to look more carefully at the specific quotes which Goldberg used" don't bother to look into his argument either. That's not really helpful. Goldie is someone I decided a long time ago to not look back on either, even at the time of the debate I doubt I checked his argument. 'empowered victimhood' is an interesting thing in itself, but the approaches I have seen so far don't concince me. I may look more closely into your offer at dialog on the issue, but here I stopped reading: " Nick Cohen also founded the Euston Manifesto ‘think tank’ to support dubious Neocon ideologies on this side of the pond." I followed Cohen in the post 9/11 universe, as I recall I followed Cohen's blog. But while he even before the Euston Manifesto was easy to be recoognized as a supporter, I doubt he was a founder. But he no doubt was a useful figurehead at the time. I also always deeply disliked Nick Cohen, but if I would publish something you call an essay on the Euston Manifesto, I would try to get my facts right. That's where I stopped reading. Mind you, I stumbled across Atzmon before. Although at that point he wasn't quite present, only in the background as a pusher of the art event of a female friend. I was a bit surprised about the out-roar both managed to create, but it is a basic fact that the "art" itself wouldn't have gotten attention without the out-roar. Maybe I should slightly modify my self-description as "Culture Marxist/CultMarx", I am not a fan of art of the type of art-and/as-scandal. Like "Piss Jesus". I am vaguely a leftist, maybe a "recovering leftist", to borrow the description of Iannos Glivanos: As far as I am concerned, Gilad Atzmon is simply rehashing themes that are in the air for his own benefit without really caring to take a closer look. Why should I take him serious? No doubt in our world prominence is all. I am told you can get quite prominent on you tube.
Seems you caught me (again?), unfortunately I did not ever consider to keep the name of the tool in mind, as non-blogger or non-typepad blogger, after all it may have been a template you used that had it integrated. In other words I am maybe wrongly assuming you can switch it on or off and it could have disappeared in the context of the search tool integration. The only thing I recall is that it used to be lower on the right years ago and lately showed up on top. I have to admit I liked that. I more specifically liked it up there. But as a longtime reader I am not sure if my opinion matters. ;) Not that it was any "useful" information. I simply liked it see what destinations were around. More recently Switzerland popped up. In earlier times I rarely scrolled down and checked.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2015 on Posting comments on SST at Sic Semper Tyrannis staunch is a bit superfluous at least as long as Kerry isn't described as staunch supporter of the Saudi headed "opposition groups" "Kerry held talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a staunch supporter of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, in Moscow this week to pave the way for Friday's meeting of the support group. ... Kirby said the countries invited for the talks to be held on Friday morning were those that participated in Vienna. They included Iran, another key backer of Assad. Syria did not take part. ... Among the goals of the meeting is to better define the notion of a transition and a ceasefire, and to give participants a chance to learn more about what happened at a meeting of Syrian opposition groups in the Saudi capital Riyadh last week, he said. The groups in the Riyadh meeting called for an all-inclusive, democratic Syria and said Assad should leave power at the start of a transitional period.
Without any doubt, while it may sound a bit patronizing, Adam's more specific advise is very, very important. I have to admit, I had to learn this the hard way: ;) Anger, while no doubt we all are more or less in its metaphorical grasp sometimes, is the best strategy to get your voice to be ignored. Or not really the best communicative strategy, to put it another way. After all, the person taking the phone is not really responsive for the larger US foreign-policies,. Which could mean the best strategy is, while s/he may not be important to convince him or her. That could prevent whoever in charge, and yes I have not the least idea about procedures in this context, to not add you to a list of crazies. ... Apart from that: "shot write their member of Congress." if this is a proverb, for something along the lines: do it immediately, I haven't encountered it before. Expert linguistic advise would be appreciated.
Ok, here I should add something: "But, I also am pretty aware that it may have many easy takers." I am open to change my mind, the moment I grasped the legitimate argument. After all Yanis Varoufakis is, as Michael Brenner told us, a good friend and an outstanding individual and thinker. (my words, not his) But without doubt to accept I would need to be convinced that the ways Germany deals with economics on a state or national level are a lot worse then the economics other countries base their respective local/national outlooks on in the EU. Including evidence that the Germans are forcing them to do this only for their own benefit only. Also someone would need to give me more evidence concerning "economical warfare" then he ever did, beyond spinning easy tales.
Ulenspiegel: "BTW: The Greek problem is an EZ issue, not of EU." I am not sure about this. For a very, very simple reason, there is no way to disconnect the issue on the general European public mind, much less the US or beyond. Maybe, that's why I try to get a grasp of left-wing-economical-wizard Yanis Varoufakis and his larger German-surplus-conspiracy. The most serious problem I have is, while maybe I always hated economy in comparable ways he claims to does/did, have no problem to admit I loved mathematics always, love to demolish obviously ill-founded "foolishisms" based ultimately on these tools, I wasn't forced back into the field since it felt convenient to take revenge on the field based with the help of academic mathematical experience (check his about section): "After graduating from Essex, I moved to the University of Birmingham where I read toward an MSc in Mathematical Statistics. By that stage I was convinced that my escape from economics had been clean and irreversible. How deluded that conviction was! While looking for a thesis topic, I stumbled upon a piece of econometrics (a statistical test of some economic model of industrial disputes) that angered me so much with its methodological sloppiness (which was hidden behind a certain mathematical sophistication) that I set out to demolish it." Notice, I have much sympathy for this demolition instinct (Kali), but slightly less for his creation of a larger-German-surplus-to-supress-the-rest-of-Europe-conspiracy narrative. But, I also am pretty aware that it may have many easy takers. Here is a piece of my latest look into the genesis of this larger theory and its theoretical foundations. Notice, the Halevi paper he links to misses about 8 pages (271-280) But anyway, is he trying to tell me, from the left after all, that speculators no matter what there names are, are ultimately a force of economical health, since they only attack unhealthy victims/systems like the vultures? And thus deserve it? "The problem was that speculators, with George Soros the better known amongst them, could see that the currency pegs of the ERM/EMS were unsustainable given the pressures on the balance of payments of Germany’s European partners. So they bet massively against it, until the EMS broke down. At that point the Bundesbank understood that nothing short of a currency union will allow it to see its grand plan through. It was a gamble. And it came with a sizeable psychological cost, given the voluntary abandonment of the DM. But it was deemed essential given the greater ‘good’ to be had from turning the RoE into the economic zone onto which Germany’s shifted the burden of its adjustment, thus allowing German oligopolistic multinationals to maintain ad infinitum their net exports (of goods and production units) to the rest of the world."
Lithuania in one more recent aspect is pretty much of an economical success story. ... I have no expertise on others, and I only know about Lituania based on my reading support in connection with my nieces thesis a couple of years back. ... In other words it drew my attention in that larger context.
thanks, Ulenspiegel, you understood. Although I missed to fill in the GB Liberal Party. Great!!! I am a bit hesitant concerning the the mental political shortcut from one end of the pole to the other. I somewhat prefer my "ideological opponents", like e.g Tyler here. Something doesn't seem to feel right when these opposite poles start to sing Kumbaya. I have never really reflected about it. Querfront, OK, I see if I change the language on Wikipedia Griffin agrees with me. Check header, last paragraph, header: I do like Griffin, maybe that's why. ;)
oops, I missed an important detail here. Can I add the missing part as header? Great Britain. With the left wing of the Liberal Party apparently joining ranks with the right in support of a vote to leave the EU.
Yes, Babak, absolutely. Everyone outside the Diocletian Line should leave Europe and the Eurozone immediately. For starters: Ireland, Germany (most of it), and the whole North and East beyond would be out. Definitively inside are Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Greek, Turkey, actually the whole Mediterranean region, from Egypt over the North of Africa via Spain and France up to GB. Looks like an interesting idea indeed. Now I see it clearly. The EU and the EuroZone no doubt struggles. Politically, economically, framework wise, maybe. ... With the left wing of the Liberal Party apparently joining ranks with the right in support of a vote to leave the EU. Now that could of course create a problem with DL thesis.
sorry, Richard, I am in a bad mood. So yes, my meaner part is spoofing the babblingly polite one lately. Could be.
Well, we could add Latina and Arab women. That would make seven. Does it need to fit your selection instinct? How about the "most powerful Arab women" or "the 7 most famous lies about Latina Women in the US"? But back to the mammary glands:
Croesus, I took that tongue in cheek really. I would advise you to always consider that option with Babak.
Babak, I noticed you left out black models or the event of black beauty: Isn't it a bit of an irony, at least to the extend I am aware of black females do a lot better then males? Should I start to feel guilty for not joining the chorus?
Richard, first of all, I am not really present, and this is a private message. Two minor things anyway? "It should be recalled that the Israelis and the Iranians differ not only in race, but also in spirit." This could lead us into a bigger "nature versus culture" debate, in other words, do we as being born somewhere or in whatever skin or nation have some type of biological ingredients that force us to be anything specifically? Really? Don't we all one way or another have to deal with the realities around us? I am aware in the US the usage of the term race is not much of a problem as it would be over here in Germany. Maybe even less after the "Bell Curve" wisdom. I have no idea. Meaning, I didn't look into American reception. Apart from the above, I am a fan of words with simple messages like "colure". Since they with their very existence signify something like an ideal space of communication without misunderstandings. But, mo doubt it is also a tool that should be handled with care.